Thursday, November 27, 2008

Farewell to Pillars of Team Sanskrithi

It was an emotional event indeed because the founders of Sanskrithi, the greatest cultural team that ever walked (to be specific, ROCKED) PESIT campus were about to graduate and leave the dance troupe. The least we could do is to bid a heartfelt farewell to them.

Credit goes to Rashmi who took the initiative of making the arrangements from booking the party hall to designing the collages to buying the gifts to our beloved seniors. 3 Cheers to Rashmi.

Shweta took up a tedious responsibility of compiling a short movie or a video clip describing Team Sanskrithi’s achievement. The video gives a sneak peak of Sanskrithi’s path from a humble start to a humungous leap to USA. 3 cheers to Shweta....

End Note : 

We, the junior team bade farewell to 6 seniors who graduated this year. But unless I’m very much wrong, there was this 7th person in the group who had already decided (with 100% surety) to quit the team with these seniors because for that person “Sanskrithi is Raghu, Nisha and Chithra”. I bade a silent farewell to that dancer as well

Friday, November 21, 2008

Think About IT

As a quizzer, I had 2 dreams : 

  • Climb onto the stage where the Grand Finale of the prestigious TCS Rural IT quiz happening in Palace grounds on the occasion of
  • Be the state winner of TCS IT quiz. 

As a team, Ashrith and I had put enough efforts to win the event in 2004. A small, unexpected mistake from our side put us in the runners-up position at Udupi Zone in 2003. The winners eventually won the STATE level quiz also. I was very well aware that the same team would come back in 2004 and it will be a tough game again. So we had spared no effort to ensure our victory. 

But man proposes, God disposes.. The 2004 zonal finals was indeed a battle of nerves. When we lost to the same team again,  140 to 135 (the other 4 teams on stage had scored 10, 10, 5 and zero!). When the quiz master announced that in the other 5 zones, the highest by any team had been 105, I could just keep myself from crying.

For the first time in my life, I felt like a loser. All my dreams were shattered as we were in our 12th Grade and that year was our 2nd and final chance.. 

When my mom consoled me that my efforts will never be a waste, I was not convinced, yet I believed her. It came out to be true. 

The pain of failure urged me to THINK OUT OF the Box, discard every convention and author India's 2nd ever IT quiz book, Blitz - The IT quiz book. Unless I am very much mistaken, I am India's youngest author of a commercial IT quiz book till date.  Failure indeed makes you learn more than what you could have with Success..


Mr Giri Balasubramaniam, the renowned Quiz Master of Tata Crucibles and TCS IT wiz fame identified my interest and talent for IT quiz and took me in his (Greycaps) technical quiz research team. 

The happiest day was when I was invited (along with a couple of other budding quizzers) to join the research team of Giri Balasubramaniam and Lloyd Saldanha to compile a book, "Think About IT - 3rd Edition". 

To add to this joy, I was felicitated by Mr Aravind Limbavali (Higher Education Minister, Government of Karnataka) and Vishveshwar Hegde Kageri (primary and secondary minister) on the occasion of Grand Finale of Rural IT quiz 2008 in Palace grounds on 7th November. 

All the finalists of this year had read my book. They thanked me for writing Blitz and Think About IT and really appreciated my efforts. What more does an author need?

On my way home, I thought, my first dream (climbing onto the stage finals stage) had been fulfilled! More royally than I had ever expected! 

And as far as winning is concerned, I will see myself winning every year when the young  quiz champions of TCS IT Wiz and Rural IT quiz come down to me and say, "Your book really helped us. Thanks for writing Blitz" . 

I haven't won it yet. But one thing is sure, I am not a loser anymore. I have got another chance. My latest attempt has been the strongest....

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Is there something called "A Destiny" ?

I wasn't sure whether or not I should agree with Mr Douglas Adams who famously said, "“I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be”. According to him, there's something called destiny and no matter how much you try, you'll end up being somewhere which you would never anticipate!  

It is indeed hard to believe isn't it? Yes and No. Not if you haven't experienced it yourself. I shall narrate my experience..

Look at this snap. 

This was taken in February 2008 when my dance team Sanskrithi had been to USA on a cultural exchange program with Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The day before our grand performance in IUP, we were invited for a formal dinner in Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. After the dinner, the Dean of the college took us to their Stock Market Trading Simulation centre where the students practice share trading . It was one of the best computer labs that I've been to. Every student has 3 monitors streaming real-time simulated stock market. Awestruck, we took photos standing besides the Flash board..

The flash board keeps ticking every 5 seconds or so displaying the current share values of various NASDAQ, Dow Jones etc listed companies one after the other. 

You might ask me, thats fine, but what has that to do with my destiny? Now I shall ask you to look at the zoomed part of the photo..

If you still haven't got it, let me request you to look at the company that's displayed in the board.. Its CISCO !!! This was 7 months before I actually got placed in Cisco!! Now, all 16 of us took photos and when it was my turn, Cisco Value got Flashed!!

If you've read my previous blog entry on Cisco Placement (if you haven't click here), you know very well how I never expected to get into Cisco. 

Now, should I believe in Destiny? I would want to say, have never got a reason not to believe..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

iRaveesh finally...

i.Raveesh, my digital signature, finally gets a physical significance. I now own a 'WOW' gadget from Apple Inc. which I had always longed to own..

Previously, I owned an iRiver H10, a versatile music player. Day before yesterday, I bought an ipod Touch 2.0...

Presenting to you, iRaveesh finally...

My friend, Sandeep got me this latest ipod touch 2.0 from Chicago. Some of the latest features includes in-built speakers (not a great addition, but yes, it has some effect while playing games), buttons for volume control,  a very good battery backup (36 hours of non-stop music) and more importantly, the App store. From what I have learnt, ipod touch 2.0 can't be jail broken. Not that I wanted to jail break it, but then Yeh Dil Mange More ;-)

Ipod touch has opened ways to a lot of things, especially to a gadget freak like me and since its the 'i' device, its added the perspective of glamor to my madness..  I just can't wait to explore it.. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Gandhian Thought

"Generations to come, it may be, will scarcely believe that such a one, as this, ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth."  told Albert Einstein about Mahatma Gandhiji. Then, in 1940s, people would tend to disbelieve this quote of his. How on Earth can someone forget Mahatma Gandhi? I mean, is it just as false as his famous statement on Theory of Relativity that "Time is relative and not absolute!!" 

But now, its time to think. Just a couple of years back, the scientists got physical proofs for his Theory of relativity, didn't they? So will his thought about Gandhiji be proved as well? Or have we, the current generation already proved that? 

When asked, "Who is Gandhji?" some movie buff is reported to have replied, "He's that person who helped Munna Bhai get his girlfriend". Jokes aside, but I seriously feel we are not much different. 

One common arguement has always been, "If it was not Gandhiji, we would have got Independence much much before, may be in 1910s itself. The entire freedom struggle slowed down because of his "non-violence" movement. This lead to the formation of Pakistan etc etc" Now I would want to ask them one thing. Is Independence the ultimate goal? Or should we matured enough to handle the independence? If India had got Independence by 1910s, I feel there would be Madras country, Hyderabad country, J&K country, Avadh country, Bengal country and so on. The country as suckh didn't have that unified movement which got everyone together. It was the movements like Quit India, Civil Disobedience and Dandi March which got the entire country together and gave the feeling of oneness. 

Another thing we must realize that British came to India as traders and ruled us because of our own lack of unity and greed. So unless we ourselves are matured enough to be united and face everything as a country, there is no point of freedom. Look what happened in Iraq immediately after Saddam Hussein was dethroned? Burglers took advantage of the anarchy and almost all the museums which preserved the ancient monuments of Persian and Mesopotamian civilizations were plundered. Today, the country is celebrating its non-dictator leadership, but at the cost of what?

Finally, our Independence is the result of sacrifices of thousands of noble souls. But just like the fact that Ustad Isa is credited to have architectured Taj Mahal even though thousands of people contributed for this eternal monument of Love, Mahatma Gandhiji is called the architect of Indian Independence. Having said this, it is very clear that the contributions of all our leaders like Balgangadhar Tilak, Chandrashekar Azad, Subhashchandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Karnad Sadashiv Rao, Nehru etc are unforgettable. What we are, its all because of them. 

End Note : Please note that this is entirely the opinion of the blogger and doesn't represent the public opinion or sentiment. Feel free to comment on this, if you feel I have been blind about my views...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


You must be really fortunate to actually have understood the feel in the statement, "A friend in need is a friend indeed". I am one of those fortunate guys who have understood that.

It feels so good to be loved and supported by that friend of yours when the entire crowd around you hates you. When he pats your back and says, "Hey man, I am with you. I will fight for you no matter what is the outcome", you actually feel your self-confidence,which is long dead, springing back into life...

Now I don't mind if the entire world is against me. And I mean it...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rang De Basanti

Kid : "Pappa, what are you doing?"
Dad : "Beta, I am planting these plants"
Kid : "Pappa, why are you doing this?"
Kid : "Beta, I am doing this so that once the plant grows we can harvest the crop and earn from that"

Later that day the dad finds his son sticking some sticks besides the farm. Curious to know what the kid's doing, the dad goes there...

Dad : "Beta, what are you doing with those sticks?"
Son : "Pappa, I am planting the guns so that once the guns grow, we can drive the British out of our country"

This revolutionary kid not only succeeded in making guns and bombs and scared the hell out of the British but also made our country realize that "You just can't communicate in words to the Deaf man. You need an Explosion to get them to their senses"

27th September is the birth day of the legendary Bhagat Singh who made best use of the Court Trials to speak out his principles and opinions. This was a unique approach which very much involved the most prevalent media of the day, the newspaper.

A British officer who was in duty while Bhagat Singh was awarded the death sentence has famously made this statement, "I always thought there are 2 kinds of people; one, who cry on the face of death and another who accept death with a smiling face. But now I know for sure, there is another kind". This was after he saw Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru singing on their way to execution ground. 

I admit that I didn't realize that today (27th Sept) was the birthday of this legendary revolutionary until a friend of mine sent me a sms. Apart from giving tribute to Bhagat Singh which is my primary objective, I had one more thing to pen down. It was regarding this sms that I received. 

The SMS goes like this : "Everyone celebrates the Birthday of Gandhiji on 2nd October. Today 27th September is the birthday of our great hero "Bhagat Singh". At least pass this message to every Indian. Be a true Indian.  Jai hind" 

I agree the composer of this sms has done a great job of reminding all the "True Indians" what they are actually forgetting. But then I couldn't help but notice this; Why was there a mention of Gandhi Jayanthi? Asking questions, Didn't the message mean "Why are you celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi?" Or in other words, "You guys are wasting your time celebrating the birthday of Gandhiji while the true hero is Bhagat Singh"! Now why on Earth is this comparison needed? 

For God's sake, they are Freedom fighters. This is not some Political Agenda or Politicians to compare. They were unique in their approach, thats why they are leaders. But for God's sake don't compare them. Even though the movie, "The Legend Of Bhagat Singh" did a great job of featuring the true life of  Bhagat Singh, the movie indirectly vilified Mahatma Gandhiji. I seriously hated this part of the movie. When you go to western country, people recognise you as a person from that place where Mahatma Gandhiji walked.

Please keep your personal agenda back at your home and come out to celebrate the birthdays of these true leaders at the truest sense. Let the spirit of oneness be there in all of us, the True Indians. Lets get united to face the modern day threats like the terrorism...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its the time to Cisco

Cisco Systems had come to PESIT on 19th of September to recruit students. I had decided before that I wouldn't give the written test for Cisco for the following reasons :
  • I had to host a Quiz show at PESIT on 20th on behalf of IEEE
  • I had to prepare for a test which was scheduled on the 21st September
Yet, I wanted to view their pre-placement presentation. I started repenting my decision to drop Cisco test while the presentation was going on. GOD, Cisco was much much superior and better than what I had assumed. For example, I never knew that they had a lion's share in the VOIP market.

So cursing myself, I gave my test, finished it quickly and resumed my quiz work. I was so engrossed with that, I never realized it was 9 pm and the shortlisted candidates list was about to be put up. It was only when Rohit, my friend from PESSE called me to congratulate me that I realized I was shortlisted. OH BOY!!

So I handed over the questions and the entire responsibility of the quiz show to Pradeep, another budding quizmaster from PESIT and informed the IEEE group that Pradeep would be handling the quiz.

It was around 10 45 pm that I could start preparing for the interview, taking out few books to brushing up the networking concepts.

The day of interview was MY DAY. Everything that happened favoured me. There were a couple of interview panels which rejected the students in 15-20 mins and there were a couple of them which interviewed the students for more than 90 minutes! But my interviewer, Mr. Manohar was a cool and composed person who asked handful of technical questions! Later he asked me the history of Cisco, about the C shell etc. As a quizzer I believe I could answer them satisfactorily.

The final selected list was announced at around 4 30 pm. I got into CISCO SYSTEMS !! It felt so good, I can't put it in words. In 2 years, I became the first ECE student to get into all 3 Tiers (Infosys, Thoughtworks and Cisco) having 2 of the most sought after offers! My hit rate of clearing the interview has been 75% (I couldn't clear the Wipro VLSI interview!! ).

Also, in every Tier, I got into the 2nd company I applied. In Tier 3, I couldn't clear Wipro VLSI but got into Infosys. In Tier 2, I tried Freescale Semiconductors, I couldn't clear the screening test, the next day Thoughtworks came and I got into it. In Tier 1, Yahoo! was my first try and the same week I cleared Cisco Systems. It is really a blissful experience.

After the formalities, I ran to the quiz site and for my delight the quiz had just begun. So I took over the show and finished it off in style. That DAY was MY DAY indeed.

I am now assertive that post-placement days are the most relaxed days of anyone's life. I am enjoying every second of it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Microsoft Student Partner Lead 2008-09

I got a mail this Thursday from Microsoft Acad team that I have been promoted as the MSP lead for the year 2008-09. Previously called as "Microsoft Student Ambassador", this role of MSP lead demands increased maturity, increased responsibility and along with that, recognition.

The happiest thing being, I am one of the 6 MSPs in India who are been selected as the Leads. The other 5 being

  • Bigyan Bhar - Kolkata
  • Kaushal Bhavsar - Ahmedabad
  • Lakshman Shrikanth - Bangalore
  • Mayur Tendulkar - Pune
  • Urjit Singh Bhatia - Baroda

We have 2 MSP leads from Bangalore, myself and Lakshman. This must be a happy news for the Bdotnetstudet community. Its feels so good when someone recognises our work and pat our shoulder. Not only does it motivates us to do more things, it instills self-confidence in us.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Aatmatrisha Logistics Team 2008

June 3rd  : "Hi Raveesh, I wish you happy birthday, Have a blast - Ms YYYYY, Aatmatrisha Logistics Team"

May 27th :  "Hmmm, nice blog I must say. What boss, been really bindaas by confessing your love to someone in your Blog!! But please don't be a Devdas and step back because of this - Ms ZZZZZ, Aatmatrisha Logistics Team"

These are 2 of the sms I'd got on various occations which I had kept without deleting. I am not sure if Ms YYYYY and Ms ZZZZZ liked reading their names in my blog, so an alias ;-). 

I am making this blog entry as a tribute to the wonderful logistic team of Aatmatrisha 2008. Aatmatrisha was at its best in 2008 of which I was a proud core team member.  It all started well when a really dedicated core team was formed. As core team members, we rolled out our plans for the fest and charted out the dates, deadlines etc. It was then that a group of enthusiastic, charming girls approached us to take charge of the Logistics department which is the most laborious and strenuous of all jobs. Little did I realize then that this "all girls team" had tremendous amount of determination and energy to be one perfect logistics team. 

The team not only did their assignments flawlessly, but also during my quiz events, (when there was a severe shortage of volunteers for evaluating quiz answer papers etc) they came to my resque, helping me out from evaluation to validation of tickets! Hats off to you girls. 

Me with the Logistic Team after the fest

The fest was a success which made us forget all the pains we had for over a month.  What's really worth noting that while the core team enjoyed the success and later forgot what is Aatmatrisha, these gals still associated themselves with the fest even after 3 months! I quoted those 2 messages in the beginning of this post to illustrate the same. 

I realized then, that it was this team which had incessantly worked in the background to make sure Aatmatrisha was a success.  The credit for its success equally goes to this team. I don't know if anyone else has thanked them, but I feel the team deserves more than just a thanks. Subject to immense pressure, I might have been rude to them occationally. I am optimistic, the team has taken it in a good sense. Yet my sincere apologies if I've hurt them knowingly or otherwise. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I couldn't "Apply Thought", yet my Thought "Worked"

Analyzing one of my implausible dream...

I always dreamt of a situation when my "Dream Company" announced its final list and I found your name there! I used to ask myself, "how are you feeling right now?" I dreamt of the situation when that "Dream Company" offered me "Application Developer" portfolio (even though I'm from Electronics Discipline) along with some of the best Computer Science Brains of my batch!!

Now, when you know that this is an impossible dream, yet your dream came true, how would you feel? I know its hard to explain. Really hard to blog about it. But I can tell you this, "Its a blissful Experience!"

The first time I came across Thoughtworks was in my 4th semester in PESIT campus. As a sponsor of one of our college's fest they had set up a "Stall" where they were conducting an Open Tech Quiz contest. I participated in it, won it! An Alumnus of PESIT, the organizer of Quiz told me about the company and its unique work culture, I was really impressed.

Thoughtworks has 6 rounds of interviews and each round is an elimination round. Needless to say the recruiters were very specific about the qualities, a fresh thoughtworkers ought to possess. Agility, creativity and strength in computing concepts. Don't you think its a great feeling to find your name in the list after 6 rounds of interviews! 

To justify the title of this blog post, I had applied for Wipro VLSI, an electronics company a couple of months back. I was rejected in the technical round as I was "inept in Electronics". That was the day I thought, "May be I should never ever apply for an Electronics company". Now I realize my thought indeed worked!

End Note :
When Adidas claims, "Impossible is nothing", I don't think they do it just because its a catchy punchline. Dreaming is not at all a folly when you start believing that you have the energy to realize the dream! 

Friday, August 15, 2008

The 'I' day blog

"Inverse Square Law", as it denotes, The Intensity of a celebration dies exponentially as the years pass by.

Sometimes I wonder how thrilled my Grand Father would have felt when Mr Nehru declared on 15th August Midnight "India is Independent". As I write this blog, my hackles rise just by imagining that sensational day. That was indeed the 'I' day.

On the contrary, I abruptly woke up today (15th Aug) at 6 45 AM in the morning as the guy next door was playing "Hallowed be thy name" from Iron Maiden!. I asked myself, was I wrong in expecting a "Vande Matharam" or "Jana Gana Mana" at least on the 'I' day ?

We detest our lecturers who 'request' us to maintain silence in class. We felt like beating up our primary teacher who humbled us for our indiscipline. Now, can we even imagine the situation when this "Primary School Control" had to be extended throughout our life?

Can we even imagine the days in which we had to pray God requesting him to secure our Fundamental Rights? Could we accept if a cop barges into our houses and drags our parents to the police station and beats them Black and Blue just based on some mere conjecture? WE MUST BE LUCKY to be in Independent India.

I agree 61 years is a lot to most of us, the "Hi-Tech" youth. But at-least twice a year let us try to remember our freedom fighters, the heroes without whom we might had to hoist the Union Jack even today.

Lets raise at-least twice a year to give a hearty salute to our Tri-coloured National flag which has always had a deeper connotation than mere 3 colours. Lets forget our religion and region atleast for a day and unanimously shout "We are Indians". Let us try to forgive our brothers and sisters who have always succeeded in stirring up fights in the name of God and language.

End Note :
As for me, I have always been a staunch believer of Gandhian principles. I never crib when non-Indians recognize me as a person from the country where Gandhiji walked. I know very well that most of my contemporaries disclaim their faith towards Gandhiji. But again, Gandhiji is not Hitler to coercively make everyone like him!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Again, I come on Suvarna

I kinda feel privileged to have some of my esteemed friends who are achieving heights in their respective field. 

Keerthana, my childhood friend with whom I acted a couple of months back in Suvarna channel in Confident Star singer Situation round (Watch it) called me up on 23rd July and said "Mayya, there is one more comedy round shooting. Can you come with your college Gang because I am planning for a college scene"

Unfortunately all of my college friends were either enjoying at their native or busy on 29th. So finally one friend Ashwini agreed to join us. I called up my friend Ashrith from Mysore and he readily agreed to join us.

Round : Comedy Round

Plot : A Village boy (Halli Mukka) comes to Bangalore to study. He is clad in an ill fitting Kurta and looks typically a halli mukka. The city dudes and babes find him pretty amusing and try to play around with him. 

Cast : 
Halli Mukka : Its me !!
College Students : Lakshmikantha, Ashrith, Keerthana and Ashwini

Watch out for the mixture of various emotions of the village boy .

End Note : 
Its really an irony. Me, Ashrith, Lakshmikanth and Keerthana all are from very small villages who have come to a Metropolitans chasing our dreams !

I really enjoyed doing the Halli mukka role. I am pretty sure you will like it as well. Please rate my acting if you've time.. 

Friday, July 25, 2008

7 Blasts shake Bangalore.. I was at one of the blast Spot

Date : 25th July, 2008

1 30 pm : I am stuck at a traffic near Hudson Circle. I curse the bad traffic sense and Zero Lane discipline of myself and fellow Bangaloreans.

1 35 pm : I get into Vittal Mallya road. I park my bike near St Joseph's Boys high school and goto High School Principal's Chamber.

1 40 pm : The attender confirms that the Principal will be available only after 3 30 pm

1 45 pm : I reach the parking place and chart the route to Baldwin's Girls high school in my mind (cursing the one way roads) as  I wanted to visit it as my next college.

1 48 pm : I reach the Vittal Mallya hospital in motorbike and see around 7-8 people climbing the Park Gate and curiously looking at something. I too peep in but can't see much except that the croton plants were uprooted. I ASSUMED it was due to trimming of the park shrubs and again assume there must be some SNAKE in the park. (Snakes are common in Mangalore but not in Bangalore)

2 40 pm : Successfully finishing the meeting with the Baldwins Girls highschool Headmistress, I come back to the same spot but this time there were around 50 people and 5-6 cameramen there. Was it a Dragon or a Godzilla?  Didnt bother much as I had to meet Josephs Princi.

2 50 pm : I  meet the Principal of St Josephs high school who is really busy answering the calls of anxious parents. "No sir, none of our kids are hurt. They are safe inside the School". HURT? What the hell..

2 51 pm : I ask the attender "whats the matter uncle?".. He says Bomb Blast near Vittal Mallya Hospital. I was like WTF!!!!!

End Note : This is not a fiction. I witnessed it. I had planned to meet the Quiz teams from various high school and give a push towards TCS IT Wiz which would start on August 8th. 

Not that Namma Bengaluru Jana didn't expect the blast but 7 blasts at the span of 15 minutes just shows us how prepared they are. its ought to create panic in all of us. 

Hey, Cowards, we are peace lovers. Where there is peace, there is GOD and I believe He is with us. Leave us or you'll perish.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Horror on TV

Honestly, I hadn't tried my hand in Acting until 11th June. On 11th I ended up doing some terrific (Terrible?) acting..

The best part being this. I acted in a Singing Reality Show called Confident Star Singer. Now, before you jump into a conclusion that I sing as well, let me clarify, I SING PATHETICALLY. My ex roommates are the testimonials (lol). I acted with Keerthana, my very close friend from Belthangadi, who's currently in Top 18.
Round Name : Situation Round
Plot : A lady who met with some unintentional / unnatural death is alluring her love. But in a graveyard, accompanied by her friends (who are ghosts as well) she is ought to scare anyone, including her love.
Unfortunately, the guy (who's still alive) doesn't know that his love is dead yet. Adding to this, he can only listen to her voice, he CANNOT see her..

I swear I didn't get a chance to rehearse at all. All the discussion happened over phone and I couldn't spare enough time on practice (I had my sem exams in 10 days). So on stage, in front of Lakhs of audience, we did our first rehearsal..

Note :

Please rate my acting. Keerthana's voice is just amazing, its uncomparable..

Friday, July 18, 2008

Superman Forever - The unoffical Trailer

Christopher Reeve - Superman (1978)
Brandon Routh - Superman Returns (2006)
i.Raveesh - Superman Forever (2008)

Watch the trailer of the movie. Its available exclusively in the 'i' Blog. Worldwide release yet to be decided.

Rating : PG
Background Music : Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, NY
Background Voice : Arya Ashok, Preethi and a Museum Employee.

Disclaimer : All the characters in this film are real and any resemblance to person living is purely intentional..

Critics Rating : *** (3/5)

Viewers Rating : **** (4/5)

People, post your rating.. Write comment.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am a Proud Infoscion

I am a proud Infoscion. I got to Infosys on 14th July. I am extremely happy to hold my first ever official offer letter. From last 3 days, I wake up with a smile on my face. I chose my FIRST company wisely.

In the HR round, I came across one of the wierdest HR in my life. He started the talk in this fashion. "Mr Raveesh, I can see that you're really working hard to be a JACK OF ALL TRADES! Didn't your Dad tell you concentrate on your studies?" .

Phew, All these while I had thought I was increasing my productivity by indulging in a Plethora of activities. Thanks to this great HR who made me think there are more than ways of looking at a scenario.
The session went on for about 25 minutes (quite strange because Infy interview usually won't last for more than 10 minutes) where he kept on pointing that I am a confused soul without any fixed goal in life, wasting energy in dancing and quizzing. But as a PJ master, I knew exactly what to do at this situation. I laughed with him at his PATHETIC jokes and added my essence to the same joke. lol.
But in the end, I made a strong statement " Sir, thanks for letting me realize what I am. I will think about all that you've said and decide whether all these while my pursuit of happiness was wrong or not. I will get up a wise person from tomorrow"

I was 300% sure I had to come back on 15th to write the next company when I found my name in the final selected list. I took no time to exclaim Damn, it was a stress interview man.
About half a dozen of my friends who were interviewed my this HR didn't make to the final selected list. I thanked God and rode my bike at neckbreak speed at Ring road (It was raining heavily then) to celebrate, ALONE!

Not my cup of tea

I hadn't taken placements seriously, I just can't explain why. I was really surprised at my blithe indefference towards placements, considering it as just another activity in my life. The only preparation I had done for Wipro VLSI placements was buying a good trousers, a formal leather shoe and a file to carry certificates. Was it because it was a VLSI company or because I wanted some other company is still mysterious.

I cleared the Aptitude round with ease. The technical round was an Eye Opener for me. The interviewer looked at my resume for 2 about 2 minutes and then said, "Well, you have done good work on Quizzing, web development, dance etc I agree. But is there any acheivement of yours in Electronics? ".

The moment he asked me that question I told myself "Shit, what am I doing here? This is a VLSI company". Till date all my achievements have been in the IT / Computer world.

I was not fortunate enough to get into Wipro (or is it the other way round? lol). But then I learnt one main lesson for my life. In the professional world, its a folly to even try your hands at some work which you might not enjoy doing. Doing so will be an agony to both you and your employer.

I woke up a wise man the next day with a resolution to choose wisely from then on.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Celebrating the 1000th Visitor for my site.

I started to learn html when I decided I should have a website of my own. I did contact a couple of my friends who have mastered web designing to develop a website for me. Fortunately they didnt find enough time for this project (lol). So I was forced to take the only Road Ahead. I had to learn and develop it myself.

It has been an amazing experience in this web world. Learning how a html tag works, how to link a given page to another, how to use JavaScripts etc has been fun. Not that they were a piece of cake prepared exclusively for me. It was fun enjoying the pain. And yeah did I tell you, the sitemap and basic structure was deisgned in December (in between semester exams). Later I got busy with my US trip work (practice, visa etc) that I had to push it aside. Finally uploaded it in March 2008.

Last week when I visited my page, I was the 1001st visitor!

Its still getting hits (about 10 to 15 per day). Now, I cannot expect a thousand hits/day for my personal website (I'm neither a cricketer nor a movie star, lol). Moreover, The hit counter increments only when there's a unique visitor. I cannot just refresh or open the page 10 times to increment it 10 times.

Many people mailed me their feedbacks and suggestions. Thank you everyone.

Brain Vs Me. The Last Judgement

As every one of us knows, the study holidays are the perfect time to stay idle, stay jobless etc. So my idle brain has been thinking a lot these days. In-fact, it is debating with me continuously on the same topic that I had spoken about almost a month back. A week back, something triggered the debate again and this time it was THE DEBATE. Somebody actually managed to win this battle.

Date :20th June

Brain : So, you still think that I am wrong, don’t you?

Me : No, you don’t understand. Fortunately or Unfortunately everything that is right need not necessarily be desirable. Right?

Brain : Dude, I pity you. I have given you so many reasons to prove that you’re unnecessarily wasting your time and energy on this. You still think its worth the effort?

Me : You see, I never had this experience in my life. I seriously think I very much like this experience.

Brain : Let me correct you, YOU CANNOT THINK because thinking is MY job (lol). You may just feel so, which I can prove with statistics and instances that its wrong. Also, it’s a new experience and a new experience need not necessarily be GOOD experience, in fact I can prove that this one is a not-so-pleasant experience.

Me : Oh, yeah? Go ahead….

Brain : OK, counting, this will be the 67th time I’m explaining you. Ok listen properly.

1. How many times have you rescheduled your works to synchronize with her? You realize you have missed some important deadlines and your efficiency is going low because of that.

2. Your expectation to get adequate response from her is rarely met. How many times has this troubled you mentally?

3. You assumed a lot of things in this particular case. By now you might have realised most of them are WRONG..

4. Your friends don’t want you to fall in all these and stop. Everyone expects Raveesh to be active, enterprising and carefree. They don’t want you to go off-track in any condition.

5. The year ahead is a crucial year yaar. Your 3 years work might see fruit this year in terms of placements, internship or Higher studies offer. Please don’t render your 3 years efforts waste just because you want to relax a bit now. Its seriously not the time to try out things.

6. Main Reason: How is her response to your messages, your calls etc? How much she wants to initiate or at least continue any conversation? Dude, she’s got no special feelings for you. Please understand that your efforts to impress her might repel her from you.

{End of Debate}

Hmmm, I know, as always my brain is right. Fortunately and unfortunately all the decisions for me are taken my brain and I got its decision. So with a crying heart, I have to accept my brain’s decision.

But fortunately or unfortunately nothing in relationship is binary (right-wrong, yes-no etc). So let me not further explore the advantages and disadvantages of committing myself. I am not sure if I should feel like a loser.

End Note:
As someone clearly said A Geek will be a Geek and must be a Geek. If everyone expects me to remain the same, I won’t disappoint anyone. I am kinda hurt but not shattered. I am 100% sure I’m gonna treasure this colourful months forever. My promise to the world is I’ll never stop. Yet, I know very well that she is too sweet to be lost.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The mystery of 'i'

People keep asking me about the alphabet i that I use as my digital signature “i.Raveesh”. Before it becomes the butt of thousand jokes, let me unveil the mystery of the ‘i’.

identity : To start with, i.Raveesh is my identity in the cyber world. It is my digital signature.
innovative : I just didnt want to follow the normal Name&Surname or Name+Surname format for the website URL. Also i didnt want it to exceed 8 characters in the URL.

imaginary : All those who know me as very well will agree with me. I live most of my life in an imaginary world. Even though this crazy world which doesn’t exist, all my activities, my initiatives are the outcome of the dreams I see in this world. So I want to give credits to my imaginary world by adopting a new name in an equally imaginary world, the web world.

y = real + i*(imaginary)
=> Name = 0 + i*(raveesh)
=> Name = i.Raveesh
Where the i is the mathematical representation of a complex number. (wow, I can be geekish)

iCon : Steve Jobs is my role model in life. His life has taught me not only to think different and dream impossible but to accept my defeat, not to lose heart at the gravest of my days. He is my iCon.

iterative : The Raveesh you know would not have been the same if he hadn’t been iterative.
For (i=0; CompetitionStatus!= Victory ; i++)
Half a dozen failures have preceded any visible success in my life. It’s really cool to fail because every time I fail, I know very well that I have eliminated 1 of the million ways of failing. My efforts are not to avoid the failures, but not to end up doing the same mistake.

Also, if you’ve observed, the i in the name is in lower case. According to me, the upper case I represents AHAM, the ego. I use the upper case to quote great people like Julius Caesar, Rene Descartes etc. but when it points to me, forever it will be an i.

End Note :
This is not supposed to be a serious post. So please show some mercy on me while posting the comments. lol.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Road-Trip to remember

I hadn’t been to an expedition for quite a while now. Until I am very much wrong, last time I freaked out was almost 2 months back when we went on a trekking to Skandagiri hills. As my lab internals got over on 22nd and so I was free for 2 days and so were a few of my fellow hostelites. So we decided to go on an adventurous expedition.. All voted unanimously on a road trip to Bandipur, Himavath Gopalaswamy hills, Nanjangud etc which are located around 250 KM from Bangalore. So without thinking twice, kicking our bikes start with josh and our adrenaline running high, 8 of us left to our destination in 4 bikes.
A jolly Bike Trip

A nice photo session near Bidadi (the sunset time), a nice dinner at Pallavi Dhaba near Mysore, a photo sessoin outside Mysore palace etc were the highlights of the days ride.
Sunset at Bidadi
Mysore Palace

Thanks to traffic and other factor we reached Gundlupet at 12 45 AM in the night. Unlike what we had expected, all the lodges in tat town were full. As we'd biked for about 6 hours, we desperately needed a place to sleep. One kind bus driver, looking at our plight offered us seats in his bus. So, this had undoubtedly been my best night stay experience. A sleep to remember! All of us dozed off within no time.
The Adventure Day

We woke up very early, at 4-45 am as we wanted the first trip to the forest. The road from Guldlupet to Bandipur was the worst ever road that I have ever ridden. All my body parts were aching by the time we reached Bandipur which was just about 20 km from Gundlupet.

Bandipur forest safari wasn’t that exciting as we thought. We didn’t even spot a tiger, lion, not even a fox. But we saw lots of Gazelles, monkeys, peacocks and a couple of elephants.
Our next destination was Himavad Gopalaswamy hills which was about 20 km from Bandipur. After a not-so-promising safari, we were expecting a lot from this hill. But this exceeded our expectation. AWESOME would be an understatement. Here, the nature was at its best and a great harmony between nature and wildlife. We just had the best time of the day there.

Boys love Adventure

One of the hoselite actually went as close as 400 m to a group of elephants and took some brilliant snaps.

We went to Nanjangud after a light lunch at Gundlupet. Nanjangud is called Dakshina Kashi. It has a very famous and big temple of Lord Shiva. The 4 riders (including me) were so tired riding in the horrible road that we took a nap at the verandah of the temple.

NanjanGud Shiva Temple

Our next stop was Chamundi Hills, a very famous tourist spot in Mysore. After spending some time in the hill top, we climbed down to visit the Nandi temple which is half way down the hill.

Nandi temple

The last and final pit-stop was the backwaters of Krishna Raja Sagara Jalashaya (in short KRS Dam).

Backwaters of KRS

An ancient temple, i.e. the Venugopala Swamy temple which was submerged due to the Krishna Raja Sagara reservoir is being rejuvenated at the peninsula by literally re-locating the temple from the submerged place. The reconstructed temple at the KRS reservoir

End Note :
No doubt, this was one of the best tours I did. The only painful part of the entire trip was the bad and broken roads, may it be the Ooty road or road to KRS. This is an agony to everyone who want to visit these places. Karnataka Tourism, which boasts to be the best in India would definitely be aware of this. But why aren’t any steps being taken? I personally don’t want to believe that there is no sufficient funding.

So whom to blame now, Karnataka Tourism Department, the political system of India or the electoral, i.e. we people who haven’t spent even half an hour to choose the best government.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Somebody please tell me Whats happening with me

I am no longer of the opinion that my life is monotonous.
I indulged myself in lots of activities for a few reasons. I didn’t want time for myself as I knew very well that I would waste it royally. Also I didn’t want to give my brain some time to think of impossible things and just focus on what I need to do in the near future. Keeping myself busy taught me to set priorities in life and work accordingly.

But I started to realize that trying to escape from a monotonous life I made my life a “monotonic busy life”. Everyday dance practice, everyday coding etc. I needed some break. I craved for a new kind of experience which I never had in life. Just that I couldn’t define what it was.

Now it seems God has defined it for me. Or at least he’s started to define it for me. I’ve started to find my world more interesting than it previously was. Surprisingly I’ve realized nothing in the world around me has changed. Or may be those changes are not objective. May be its emotional! May be something in me has changed. Have I started liking someone?

I just can’t believe this. I don’t want to believe this. I have seen many of my close friends struggling cos of this. I've laughed at their plight. I myself have suggested many of them not to fall in this. I’d told them it’s a PAIN. Now I realize now why everyone falls into this. It’s a pain everyone loves to enjoy!!

My brain keeps telling me Liking someone definitely means handing over your emotional remote control in her hand. Whether I like it or not, I’m controlled! Should I override my brain and let it happen? Or should I support my brain who’s been my constant guide from the day I started to think?

Brain vs Heart

Right now I am debating with my brain. The results of the debate are not out. I better not let my stupid brain interfere much in this matter. What say? Suggestions are solicited.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Touched by an Angel - NewYork

My previous 3 blogs gave a complete description of the visits and fun that we had in New York city. Our NY city trip was neither in Team Sanskrithi's tour budget nor were we funded by Indiana University of Pennsylvania or PESIT. Our dreams to maraud the city of New York would have just been a dream if it was not for an Angel we met in New York. He along with his family not only took care of all 16 dancers but also ensured us a luxurious stay in New York and New Jersey. He is none other than Mr Venkatesha Naik.
Mr Venkatesha Naik
When we landed in JFK international Airport with luggage,double our number, he had arranged for 4-5 limousines to take us to New Jersey where we stayed for 3 days in a luxurious hotel named Days Inn. This is by far the most luxurious hotel that I've ever stayed in. He took us to various places like the Liberty Island, the Ellis island, The UNO, Empire State Building, Times Square, Madame Tussaud's Wax museum etc. All these places had an entry fee, nothing less than 15$ per person! Unless I'm very much mistaken, the entry to 102nd floor of the Empire State Building is nothing less than 30$ per person!

We had our lunch, evening snacks, dinner during those 3 days in Wendy's, Mcdonalds,etc.And other days,they were kind enough to host all of us for lunch and dinner and the food was delicious!Our last day was the most memorable. We actually travelled in an elongated Porsche Limousine from New Jersey to JFK international Airport.

The royal team

I absolutely have no words to describe his generosity, his love to all of us and his energy levels. His family has also been extremely kind to us, especially Akka, who along with cooking us some of the most delicious cuisines ,took care of all of us when we were suffering from jetlag. I've rarely seen people as humble as them.

Akka and their kids. The eldest kid's missing from the snap :-(

I would want to quote the most touching instance.. On the last day, when I went to him to express my gratitude, he told me, "The World is round; we will definitely meet once again. Feel free to contact me any time in life for help!!"

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

NewYork - The city that never sleeps

The strenuous video-shoot never withered anyone's eagerness and enthusiasm because by 8 am, everyone was all set for the best day in NewYork.

We started with the Empire State Building which unfortunately we couldn't conquer the previous day due to overcast. Thankfully it was a clear day, so there was nothing that could stop us.. :)

The view of NY was just amazing from the Tallest building in NewYork. The wind blew at a speed of about 15 miles an hour which added to our excitement. I can say, this is one of the best sights of my life. Buildings everywhere which gave us the feeling of a Concrete Jungle.

a view from Empire State Building

We were in 86th floor (i believe) and Mr Naik got us the tickets for the 102nd floor. It was a observatory and the view from there was just mindblowing..

Aaj Mai Uper, Aasma Neeche

We spent quite a long time up there everyone ensuring that the sight of NewYork shall remain evergreen in our memory.Gala Time

Next stop was the Times Square, which most of us had seen in movies like The Spiderman. We split up and roamed around the Times Square where I did a bit of shopping.
Most of the times I was busy reading the Sign Boards, the colourful ads etc. I didn't realize we spent almost 2 hours in Times Square. Times Square definitely Rocks!!!

A visit to Madame Tussaud's Wax museum : It felt as though all the best things happened together on the same day. The Wax Museum was simply the best of all things we did in NewYork. We met a lot of eminent personalities there including George Bush, Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, Shakira, Superman, The Rock, Mahatma Gandhiji and the best of all, Mr Charlie Chaplin (lol..

People, be frank. Who's the better actor among us?

After a grand dinner at Chand's Restaurant along with the Naik family (where we raised a toast for their amazing hospitality and help) we called it a day..

Last Day
It was cold as usual and a few of the dancers, Raghu, Chithra, Nisha, Arya, Rashmi, Shreyanka , Shweta and me were interviewed by Asianet USA at a temple in New Jersey. All of us were dressed in traditional Indian style and the gals looked more charming than ever (lol).

We hardly had time to pack our stuffs. In a hurry we packed and vacated Days Inn and within no time we were on our way to Indiana, the next phase of our US trip.

Conclusion :
I had heard NewYork was a city of sky scrapers, the city which never sleeps, the most beautiful city, a lively city etc. Now that I've witnessed it, i just wanna say, its more than just a beautiful city. NewYork is a culture, its a way of life. And more....

Monday, March 31, 2008

NewYork Darshan Day 2

After a tight sleep, the day had to be vibrant. As expected, it was. The temperature was about 28 degree Fahrenheit and wasn't snowing :(

The day’s tour started with the visit of UNO headquarters. We went past the Times Square and all the digi cams inside our limousine were just capturing the beauty of the beautiful street. UNO is a place to visit, mark my words!!

Inside the UNO

After a remarkable time in the UNO, we did a bit of shopping in the UN store (boy, its damn expensive).
UN store Merchandises

Next stop had been the Empire States Building. But we were unfortunate, the sky was cloudy and thus the visibility was Zero miles. So we decided to eat out and the teams split into vegetarian/non-vegetarian group and get into different restaurant and in the process, I GOT LOST.

In a foreign country, like a lonely ranger, I tried to find my team desperately looking for them everywhere when for my relief I found Neetha, one girl from my team, but here came the best part, SHE WAS LOST TOO!

But thankfully she remembered Mr Naik’s number. We met 2 Indians who happily called Mr Naik from one of their cell phone and thus we finally joined the team.

We went to Macys store later where girls did a lot of shopping. As the items were really expensive I was extremely happy to do WINDOW SHOPPING.

Someone's Busy doing Window Shopping :)

Our first show in USA was for Asianet USA channel that evening. The shooting went on till 3 am in the morning. It was damn fun. More than that, the way the Americans looked at us when we were in our dance costumes, was a sight to see!!

Asianet USA show