Thursday, January 31, 2008

Being at Right Places at Right Time

I always attribute the opportunities I've got till now to my STARS. I am always at right places at the right time

Ex: I lost the Rural IT Quiz twice; Mr Giri Balasubramanyam, the Quiz Master had noted my Quizzing style. When I came to Bangalore to support the team for which I lost, he appreciated my love to Quiz. Now I work in his company (Greycaps India Private Ltd) as a Research Consultant for the Tech Quizzes. Did I ask for anything more???

I had a chance to enter NIT, Suratkal or even RVCE for my engineering course. I chose PESIT. Now due to this choice of mine
1) I'm a part of a dance team, Sanskrithi which is Going to USA on 3rd Feb 2008 for a Cultural Exchange program.
2) I started the Quotient Quiz Club in PESIT as there was no quiz club in PESIT
3) I became the only Microsoft Student Partner from ECE dept in entire Bangalore (as my senior MSP was from ECE and he found me as his successor)

I had an opportunity to get in CSE dept once during CET counselling and once during the 3rd semester branch change day. I stuck to ECE eventhough Computer Science was my cup of tea. But now, I am more aquainted to Probability, statistics, Transformations, signal processing etc.

I also feel many of my batchmates are capable of doing these things much more efficiently than me also. But why me everytime? There might just be 1 thing in me which is different from others. EXPLOIT THE SITUATION MUCH BEFORE ANYONE ELSE.

The Early Bird catches the worm

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blogging, a Cyber-space Necessity

At last, my resistance to being a non-blogger just gave away today. I had resisted this temptation for almost 2 years, finally weblog (blog as we all know now) triumphs.

As my first blog, I would like to thank Lord Almighty for giving me an oppurtunity to be in the a situation to blog. I can say I am a part of that creamy layer of the society which has got enough facility to sit and blog, let alone browsing and surfing.

Everyday I ride my bike in the glorious city of Bangalore, I see misery, pain around. From a small child selling earbuds to a very old man trying to sell napkins (with the pain that his son has abandoned him) , everyone strengthens my faith in God. I am bestowed with an opportunity to prove my worth in this damn competitive world, and I am always upto it.

As of now, all I can do to those people (who are not as lucky as me) is PRAY for them. Also pray God to keep me in the same state so that I can help them once I start earning.

Thank You God.....