Thursday, March 13, 2008

Away from India - My First Experience

The Joyous team in JFK international Airport

On 4th Feb, 2008, our aircraft, the AI 141 landed in John F Kennedy international Airport in New York. For many of us, the day was the most memorable one. For me, a lots of things happened for the first time in my life during the first 3 days of our USA trip.
  • My first Flight
  • My first time in Mumbai (i'm not joking)
  • My first international Flight
  • First time snowfall
  • First site of Sky Scrappers
  • First feel of –ve temperature
  • First trip in a Right-Hand Drive Car
  • First sight of a fully functional GPS etc...
As i see the world from Top
Mr Venkatesh Naik , a Mangalorean by origin, now well set in New Jersey hosted our 3 days stay New Jersey and sponsored our entire NewYork Trip. It is almost impossible to host a group of 17 people in NewYork for 3 days and take them on a NY tour, especially if it’s an All Students Group and especially if its Team Sanskrithi. Mr Naik was not just kind and sweet but he was patient enough to tolerate our boisterous nature.

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