Monday, March 3, 2008

Microsoft Technology Immersion Program

On 16th December 2007, Microsoft decides to acquaint MSPs (Microsoft Student Partner) with 3 sub-divisions of Microsoft : Microsoft Research Lab (MSR) and Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE). So 8 MSPs from Bangalore (including me) and 5 from Chennai decided to make the best use of this opportunity.
We started our trip from the MSR labs located at Sadashivnagar.

Phase I : Microsoft Research Lab is a home of some of the world's best brains. Firstly Mr Mr.Ashwani , University Relations Manager for Microsoft Research, gave us some insight into what Basic Research, Applied Research, Prototyping, Advanced Development, Software Development and Services actually meant. He then spoke about the various research areas at MS Research that included, Cryptography, Natural Language Processing, Algorithms, Networks. He told us there are about 35 PhD scholars and about 15 non-PhDs (interns and himself) in MSR Bangalore.

We also interacted with Dr. Raghava, a young, energetic cryptographic expert and Dr. Jeff from University of California, San Diego (networking expert). I asked him personally about Indian students' performance in UCSD and he said, "They are doing Great".

Phase II : Microsoft Development and Platform Evangelism (DPE)

Here we interacted with Mr Tarun Gulati, the GM of Microsoft DPE. He wanted to know our opinion as Why isn't Microsoft successful in Stricking the Chord ? He was on a quest to know what was lacking/missing at Microsoft from getting the WoW factor among the customers.
We had a session by Mr Deepak Rajendran, the Enthusiast Evangelist on Photosynth Live and a seminar on Data Isolation Techniques in Microsoft SQL server by Mr Vinod Kumar.

A sneakpeak of Microsoft Global Tech Support Centre (GTSC) at the Signature Building in the evening concluded our Technology Immersion Program. Mr Tom, popular in GTSC as Top-Pa gave us an overview of GTSC and their work. He told us how people were wrong in assuming that GTSC is Microsoft's BPO wing. He explained us what was the level of expertise in technology an employee of GTSC had to possess in order to be able to solve its client's problems.

It was an amazing experience for all of us, a great escape from Exam stress indeed!

MSPs from Bangalore

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