Thursday, March 13, 2008

NewYork Darshan Day 1

As soon as we landed in JFK International Airport, we were taken directly to BridgeWater, New Jersey where we stayed in a beautiful lodge named Days Inn for 3 days. We were welcomed by Mr and Mrs Naik and their 3 charming kids.

A royal Welcome at The Days Inn

When we say New York, the first thing which comes to everyone’s mind is the Statue of Liberty. Contrary to many of our beliefs, Liberty islands is in the State of New Jersey!!!. After we dumped all our luggage at Days Inn and freshening ourselves up, we all sat in a Ford Limousine and started to Liberty Island. On our way we passed the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States.

The Brooklyn Bridge
It had been a freezing experience to all of us, especially me who had grossly under-estimated the US cold. We started from Ellis Island which is popularly known as the immigration island. Here we visited the Emigration Museum where we were told about the history of this federal immigration station.

Ellis Island has a very grave history though. All emigrants who wanted to come to USA had to go through innumerous processes, tests and examinations. The officer in-charge explained us how the medical examinations of the emigrants were done. He showed us the stairs where the emigrants were observed while they climbed up, the Great Hall and the hospitals for the diseased. This island is very close to Liberty Island. The guy went on narrating many anecdotes while our team members slowly started to fall under the influence of jetlag. We badly needed sleep!!

Do I look sleepy or do I look lost?

So the plans to go to Liberty Island and climb the statue of liberty had to be dropped unfortunately. But the ferry went so close to the Island that we almost felt we are in the Liberty island.

Ellis Island

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