Monday, March 31, 2008

NewYork Darshan Day 2

After a tight sleep, the day had to be vibrant. As expected, it was. The temperature was about 28 degree Fahrenheit and wasn't snowing :(

The day’s tour started with the visit of UNO headquarters. We went past the Times Square and all the digi cams inside our limousine were just capturing the beauty of the beautiful street. UNO is a place to visit, mark my words!!

Inside the UNO

After a remarkable time in the UNO, we did a bit of shopping in the UN store (boy, its damn expensive).
UN store Merchandises

Next stop had been the Empire States Building. But we were unfortunate, the sky was cloudy and thus the visibility was Zero miles. So we decided to eat out and the teams split into vegetarian/non-vegetarian group and get into different restaurant and in the process, I GOT LOST.

In a foreign country, like a lonely ranger, I tried to find my team desperately looking for them everywhere when for my relief I found Neetha, one girl from my team, but here came the best part, SHE WAS LOST TOO!

But thankfully she remembered Mr Naik’s number. We met 2 Indians who happily called Mr Naik from one of their cell phone and thus we finally joined the team.

We went to Macys store later where girls did a lot of shopping. As the items were really expensive I was extremely happy to do WINDOW SHOPPING.

Someone's Busy doing Window Shopping :)

Our first show in USA was for Asianet USA channel that evening. The shooting went on till 3 am in the morning. It was damn fun. More than that, the way the Americans looked at us when we were in our dance costumes, was a sight to see!!

Asianet USA show

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