Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Touched by an Angel - NewYork

My previous 3 blogs gave a complete description of the visits and fun that we had in New York city. Our NY city trip was neither in Team Sanskrithi's tour budget nor were we funded by Indiana University of Pennsylvania or PESIT. Our dreams to maraud the city of New York would have just been a dream if it was not for an Angel we met in New York. He along with his family not only took care of all 16 dancers but also ensured us a luxurious stay in New York and New Jersey. He is none other than Mr Venkatesha Naik.
Mr Venkatesha Naik
When we landed in JFK international Airport with luggage,double our number, he had arranged for 4-5 limousines to take us to New Jersey where we stayed for 3 days in a luxurious hotel named Days Inn. This is by far the most luxurious hotel that I've ever stayed in. He took us to various places like the Liberty Island, the Ellis island, The UNO, Empire State Building, Times Square, Madame Tussaud's Wax museum etc. All these places had an entry fee, nothing less than 15$ per person! Unless I'm very much mistaken, the entry to 102nd floor of the Empire State Building is nothing less than 30$ per person!

We had our lunch, evening snacks, dinner during those 3 days in Wendy's, Mcdonalds,etc.And other days,they were kind enough to host all of us for lunch and dinner and the food was delicious!Our last day was the most memorable. We actually travelled in an elongated Porsche Limousine from New Jersey to JFK international Airport.

The royal team

I absolutely have no words to describe his generosity, his love to all of us and his energy levels. His family has also been extremely kind to us, especially Akka, who along with cooking us some of the most delicious cuisines ,took care of all of us when we were suffering from jetlag. I've rarely seen people as humble as them.

Akka and their kids. The eldest kid's missing from the snap :-(

I would want to quote the most touching instance.. On the last day, when I went to him to express my gratitude, he told me, "The World is round; we will definitely meet once again. Feel free to contact me any time in life for help!!"

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

NewYork - The city that never sleeps

The strenuous video-shoot never withered anyone's eagerness and enthusiasm because by 8 am, everyone was all set for the best day in NewYork.

We started with the Empire State Building which unfortunately we couldn't conquer the previous day due to overcast. Thankfully it was a clear day, so there was nothing that could stop us.. :)

The view of NY was just amazing from the Tallest building in NewYork. The wind blew at a speed of about 15 miles an hour which added to our excitement. I can say, this is one of the best sights of my life. Buildings everywhere which gave us the feeling of a Concrete Jungle.

a view from Empire State Building

We were in 86th floor (i believe) and Mr Naik got us the tickets for the 102nd floor. It was a observatory and the view from there was just mindblowing..

Aaj Mai Uper, Aasma Neeche

We spent quite a long time up there everyone ensuring that the sight of NewYork shall remain evergreen in our memory.Gala Time

Next stop was the Times Square, which most of us had seen in movies like The Spiderman. We split up and roamed around the Times Square where I did a bit of shopping.
Most of the times I was busy reading the Sign Boards, the colourful ads etc. I didn't realize we spent almost 2 hours in Times Square. Times Square definitely Rocks!!!

A visit to Madame Tussaud's Wax museum : It felt as though all the best things happened together on the same day. The Wax Museum was simply the best of all things we did in NewYork. We met a lot of eminent personalities there including George Bush, Bill Gates, Michael Jackson, Shakira, Superman, The Rock, Mahatma Gandhiji and the best of all, Mr Charlie Chaplin (lol..

People, be frank. Who's the better actor among us?

After a grand dinner at Chand's Restaurant along with the Naik family (where we raised a toast for their amazing hospitality and help) we called it a day..

Last Day
It was cold as usual and a few of the dancers, Raghu, Chithra, Nisha, Arya, Rashmi, Shreyanka , Shweta and me were interviewed by Asianet USA at a temple in New Jersey. All of us were dressed in traditional Indian style and the gals looked more charming than ever (lol).

We hardly had time to pack our stuffs. In a hurry we packed and vacated Days Inn and within no time we were on our way to Indiana, the next phase of our US trip.

Conclusion :
I had heard NewYork was a city of sky scrapers, the city which never sleeps, the most beautiful city, a lively city etc. Now that I've witnessed it, i just wanna say, its more than just a beautiful city. NewYork is a culture, its a way of life. And more....