Friday, May 30, 2008

The mystery of 'i'

People keep asking me about the alphabet i that I use as my digital signature “i.Raveesh”. Before it becomes the butt of thousand jokes, let me unveil the mystery of the ‘i’.

identity : To start with, i.Raveesh is my identity in the cyber world. It is my digital signature.
innovative : I just didnt want to follow the normal Name&Surname or Name+Surname format for the website URL. Also i didnt want it to exceed 8 characters in the URL.

imaginary : All those who know me as very well will agree with me. I live most of my life in an imaginary world. Even though this crazy world which doesn’t exist, all my activities, my initiatives are the outcome of the dreams I see in this world. So I want to give credits to my imaginary world by adopting a new name in an equally imaginary world, the web world.

y = real + i*(imaginary)
=> Name = 0 + i*(raveesh)
=> Name = i.Raveesh
Where the i is the mathematical representation of a complex number. (wow, I can be geekish)

iCon : Steve Jobs is my role model in life. His life has taught me not only to think different and dream impossible but to accept my defeat, not to lose heart at the gravest of my days. He is my iCon.

iterative : The Raveesh you know would not have been the same if he hadn’t been iterative.
For (i=0; CompetitionStatus!= Victory ; i++)
Half a dozen failures have preceded any visible success in my life. It’s really cool to fail because every time I fail, I know very well that I have eliminated 1 of the million ways of failing. My efforts are not to avoid the failures, but not to end up doing the same mistake.

Also, if you’ve observed, the i in the name is in lower case. According to me, the upper case I represents AHAM, the ego. I use the upper case to quote great people like Julius Caesar, Rene Descartes etc. but when it points to me, forever it will be an i.

End Note :
This is not supposed to be a serious post. So please show some mercy on me while posting the comments. lol.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Road-Trip to remember

I hadn’t been to an expedition for quite a while now. Until I am very much wrong, last time I freaked out was almost 2 months back when we went on a trekking to Skandagiri hills. As my lab internals got over on 22nd and so I was free for 2 days and so were a few of my fellow hostelites. So we decided to go on an adventurous expedition.. All voted unanimously on a road trip to Bandipur, Himavath Gopalaswamy hills, Nanjangud etc which are located around 250 KM from Bangalore. So without thinking twice, kicking our bikes start with josh and our adrenaline running high, 8 of us left to our destination in 4 bikes.
A jolly Bike Trip

A nice photo session near Bidadi (the sunset time), a nice dinner at Pallavi Dhaba near Mysore, a photo sessoin outside Mysore palace etc were the highlights of the days ride.
Sunset at Bidadi
Mysore Palace

Thanks to traffic and other factor we reached Gundlupet at 12 45 AM in the night. Unlike what we had expected, all the lodges in tat town were full. As we'd biked for about 6 hours, we desperately needed a place to sleep. One kind bus driver, looking at our plight offered us seats in his bus. So, this had undoubtedly been my best night stay experience. A sleep to remember! All of us dozed off within no time.
The Adventure Day

We woke up very early, at 4-45 am as we wanted the first trip to the forest. The road from Guldlupet to Bandipur was the worst ever road that I have ever ridden. All my body parts were aching by the time we reached Bandipur which was just about 20 km from Gundlupet.

Bandipur forest safari wasn’t that exciting as we thought. We didn’t even spot a tiger, lion, not even a fox. But we saw lots of Gazelles, monkeys, peacocks and a couple of elephants.
Our next destination was Himavad Gopalaswamy hills which was about 20 km from Bandipur. After a not-so-promising safari, we were expecting a lot from this hill. But this exceeded our expectation. AWESOME would be an understatement. Here, the nature was at its best and a great harmony between nature and wildlife. We just had the best time of the day there.

Boys love Adventure

One of the hoselite actually went as close as 400 m to a group of elephants and took some brilliant snaps.

We went to Nanjangud after a light lunch at Gundlupet. Nanjangud is called Dakshina Kashi. It has a very famous and big temple of Lord Shiva. The 4 riders (including me) were so tired riding in the horrible road that we took a nap at the verandah of the temple.

NanjanGud Shiva Temple

Our next stop was Chamundi Hills, a very famous tourist spot in Mysore. After spending some time in the hill top, we climbed down to visit the Nandi temple which is half way down the hill.

Nandi temple

The last and final pit-stop was the backwaters of Krishna Raja Sagara Jalashaya (in short KRS Dam).

Backwaters of KRS

An ancient temple, i.e. the Venugopala Swamy temple which was submerged due to the Krishna Raja Sagara reservoir is being rejuvenated at the peninsula by literally re-locating the temple from the submerged place. The reconstructed temple at the KRS reservoir

End Note :
No doubt, this was one of the best tours I did. The only painful part of the entire trip was the bad and broken roads, may it be the Ooty road or road to KRS. This is an agony to everyone who want to visit these places. Karnataka Tourism, which boasts to be the best in India would definitely be aware of this. But why aren’t any steps being taken? I personally don’t want to believe that there is no sufficient funding.

So whom to blame now, Karnataka Tourism Department, the political system of India or the electoral, i.e. we people who haven’t spent even half an hour to choose the best government.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Somebody please tell me Whats happening with me

I am no longer of the opinion that my life is monotonous.
I indulged myself in lots of activities for a few reasons. I didn’t want time for myself as I knew very well that I would waste it royally. Also I didn’t want to give my brain some time to think of impossible things and just focus on what I need to do in the near future. Keeping myself busy taught me to set priorities in life and work accordingly.

But I started to realize that trying to escape from a monotonous life I made my life a “monotonic busy life”. Everyday dance practice, everyday coding etc. I needed some break. I craved for a new kind of experience which I never had in life. Just that I couldn’t define what it was.

Now it seems God has defined it for me. Or at least he’s started to define it for me. I’ve started to find my world more interesting than it previously was. Surprisingly I’ve realized nothing in the world around me has changed. Or may be those changes are not objective. May be its emotional! May be something in me has changed. Have I started liking someone?

I just can’t believe this. I don’t want to believe this. I have seen many of my close friends struggling cos of this. I've laughed at their plight. I myself have suggested many of them not to fall in this. I’d told them it’s a PAIN. Now I realize now why everyone falls into this. It’s a pain everyone loves to enjoy!!

My brain keeps telling me Liking someone definitely means handing over your emotional remote control in her hand. Whether I like it or not, I’m controlled! Should I override my brain and let it happen? Or should I support my brain who’s been my constant guide from the day I started to think?

Brain vs Heart

Right now I am debating with my brain. The results of the debate are not out. I better not let my stupid brain interfere much in this matter. What say? Suggestions are solicited.