Friday, May 30, 2008

The mystery of 'i'

People keep asking me about the alphabet i that I use as my digital signature “i.Raveesh”. Before it becomes the butt of thousand jokes, let me unveil the mystery of the ‘i’.

identity : To start with, i.Raveesh is my identity in the cyber world. It is my digital signature.
innovative : I just didnt want to follow the normal Name&Surname or Name+Surname format for the website URL. Also i didnt want it to exceed 8 characters in the URL.

imaginary : All those who know me as very well will agree with me. I live most of my life in an imaginary world. Even though this crazy world which doesn’t exist, all my activities, my initiatives are the outcome of the dreams I see in this world. So I want to give credits to my imaginary world by adopting a new name in an equally imaginary world, the web world.

y = real + i*(imaginary)
=> Name = 0 + i*(raveesh)
=> Name = i.Raveesh
Where the i is the mathematical representation of a complex number. (wow, I can be geekish)

iCon : Steve Jobs is my role model in life. His life has taught me not only to think different and dream impossible but to accept my defeat, not to lose heart at the gravest of my days. He is my iCon.

iterative : The Raveesh you know would not have been the same if he hadn’t been iterative.
For (i=0; CompetitionStatus!= Victory ; i++)
Half a dozen failures have preceded any visible success in my life. It’s really cool to fail because every time I fail, I know very well that I have eliminated 1 of the million ways of failing. My efforts are not to avoid the failures, but not to end up doing the same mistake.

Also, if you’ve observed, the i in the name is in lower case. According to me, the upper case I represents AHAM, the ego. I use the upper case to quote great people like Julius Caesar, Rene Descartes etc. but when it points to me, forever it will be an i.

End Note :
This is not supposed to be a serious post. So please show some mercy on me while posting the comments. lol.


John Anderton said...

=> Name = 0 + i*(raveesh)
=> Name = i.Raveesh
That's what you said..
I know a little bit of math but none that explains how "raveesh" turned into "Raveesh" in the next sentence, lol :P

Tech Maddy said...

hmmm... Might be an imaginary, iconic, iterative identity property of imaginary numbers...


TechnoHolics said...

We think alike. I'm too using the "i" thing too much - iStudy, iKill, iSeed and I even made a custom t-shirt written "iGoogle"