Friday, July 25, 2008

7 Blasts shake Bangalore.. I was at one of the blast Spot

Date : 25th July, 2008

1 30 pm : I am stuck at a traffic near Hudson Circle. I curse the bad traffic sense and Zero Lane discipline of myself and fellow Bangaloreans.

1 35 pm : I get into Vittal Mallya road. I park my bike near St Joseph's Boys high school and goto High School Principal's Chamber.

1 40 pm : The attender confirms that the Principal will be available only after 3 30 pm

1 45 pm : I reach the parking place and chart the route to Baldwin's Girls high school in my mind (cursing the one way roads) as  I wanted to visit it as my next college.

1 48 pm : I reach the Vittal Mallya hospital in motorbike and see around 7-8 people climbing the Park Gate and curiously looking at something. I too peep in but can't see much except that the croton plants were uprooted. I ASSUMED it was due to trimming of the park shrubs and again assume there must be some SNAKE in the park. (Snakes are common in Mangalore but not in Bangalore)

2 40 pm : Successfully finishing the meeting with the Baldwins Girls highschool Headmistress, I come back to the same spot but this time there were around 50 people and 5-6 cameramen there. Was it a Dragon or a Godzilla?  Didnt bother much as I had to meet Josephs Princi.

2 50 pm : I  meet the Principal of St Josephs high school who is really busy answering the calls of anxious parents. "No sir, none of our kids are hurt. They are safe inside the School". HURT? What the hell..

2 51 pm : I ask the attender "whats the matter uncle?".. He says Bomb Blast near Vittal Mallya Hospital. I was like WTF!!!!!

End Note : This is not a fiction. I witnessed it. I had planned to meet the Quiz teams from various high school and give a push towards TCS IT Wiz which would start on August 8th. 

Not that Namma Bengaluru Jana didn't expect the blast but 7 blasts at the span of 15 minutes just shows us how prepared they are. its ought to create panic in all of us. 

Hey, Cowards, we are peace lovers. Where there is peace, there is GOD and I believe He is with us. Leave us or you'll perish.


Krishna Bharadwaj said...

Bangalore is new to all this.. it will take sometime for us to get adjusted :)

Lakshman Srikanth said...

WTF man! Bangalore is hometown for all sorts of people!

shanthi said...

7 the 7th month(july)..Reminds me of Mumbai blasts which took place on 11th july 2006...a series of 7 blasts over a period of 11 minutes.Looks like these guys are into numerology.

Rohan said...

a few questions:
1. what did you mean by push towards IT Wiz?
2. Cud u give me some pointers for the TCS IT Wiz
Also, I wanted to buy your IT Quiz book, Blitz but it wan't avaliable at gangarams/ crossword..could you tell me sumwhere close to get it? I live near St Jopsehs, and study there too


Tech Maddy said...

@ Krishna : We must be ready becos kaun Jaane Kal ho Na ho

@Lakshman : There are more good people around that bad ones man. Or so we'll believe for now.

@ Shanthi : It was a Friday..Reminds me of Black Friday

@ Rohan : I wanted to speak to the Quizzers in St Josephs about my book and preparation for Quizzes.
Its available in Sapna Book House Gandhinagar. Its pretty close to ur place.

Shoot a mail to for further correspondence buddy.

Tech Maddy said...

@Rohan, Where is this Gangarams / Crosswords?

Rohan said...

gandhinagar is extremely far from my house....howeva, the sapna in Indiranagar is closer..I think I'll go there

Gangarams is one of the most respected book shops in the city, on MG Road and Crossword is on residency road, next to the end of brigade road..its a company with stores across india..

anyway, we have exams going on at St Josephs(the school not PU) so if you do manage to speak to us before Aug 1(thats when our exams end), just put up a comment here and I'll be sure to come and listen..


Tech Maddy said...

@rohan : I am coming to St Josephs Indian high school on wednesday 11 30 to 12 30 pm to meet the quiz in-charge teacher.

If you want me to get a book to you with me, i can get it..

Also, ask your friends as well. I get 10% discount when i buy my own book..

Let me know ok...

Rohan said...

hello again..
I don't know anything about St Joseph's Indian High School- I study at St Joseph's Boys High School (Website:

Its an unfortunate thing that you are coming at 11.30, because class 11(in which I am) is the ONLY class that dismisses at 10.15...the rest finish later. However, I will try and come.

As for the book, I don't know any one else in my class who quizzes and I will be buying the book from a shop somewhere in Indiranagar. They have copies available-I asked them. Thanks anyway for the offer.

Rahul said...

its scary to think that any1 of us could have got hurt or more , we are all so fortunate that nothin happened to us , i bet our government will not do anything other than having stupid press confrences