Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Brain Vs Me. The Last Judgement

As every one of us knows, the study holidays are the perfect time to stay idle, stay jobless etc. So my idle brain has been thinking a lot these days. In-fact, it is debating with me continuously on the same topic that I had spoken about almost a month back. A week back, something triggered the debate again and this time it was THE DEBATE. Somebody actually managed to win this battle.

Date :20th June

Brain : So, you still think that I am wrong, don’t you?

Me : No, you don’t understand. Fortunately or Unfortunately everything that is right need not necessarily be desirable. Right?

Brain : Dude, I pity you. I have given you so many reasons to prove that you’re unnecessarily wasting your time and energy on this. You still think its worth the effort?

Me : You see, I never had this experience in my life. I seriously think I very much like this experience.

Brain : Let me correct you, YOU CANNOT THINK because thinking is MY job (lol). You may just feel so, which I can prove with statistics and instances that its wrong. Also, it’s a new experience and a new experience need not necessarily be GOOD experience, in fact I can prove that this one is a not-so-pleasant experience.

Me : Oh, yeah? Go ahead….

Brain : OK, counting, this will be the 67th time I’m explaining you. Ok listen properly.

1. How many times have you rescheduled your works to synchronize with her? You realize you have missed some important deadlines and your efficiency is going low because of that.

2. Your expectation to get adequate response from her is rarely met. How many times has this troubled you mentally?

3. You assumed a lot of things in this particular case. By now you might have realised most of them are WRONG..

4. Your friends don’t want you to fall in all these and stop. Everyone expects Raveesh to be active, enterprising and carefree. They don’t want you to go off-track in any condition.

5. The year ahead is a crucial year yaar. Your 3 years work might see fruit this year in terms of placements, internship or Higher studies offer. Please don’t render your 3 years efforts waste just because you want to relax a bit now. Its seriously not the time to try out things.

6. Main Reason: How is her response to your messages, your calls etc? How much she wants to initiate or at least continue any conversation? Dude, she’s got no special feelings for you. Please understand that your efforts to impress her might repel her from you.

{End of Debate}

Hmmm, I know, as always my brain is right. Fortunately and unfortunately all the decisions for me are taken my brain and I got its decision. So with a crying heart, I have to accept my brain’s decision.

But fortunately or unfortunately nothing in relationship is binary (right-wrong, yes-no etc). So let me not further explore the advantages and disadvantages of committing myself. I am not sure if I should feel like a loser.

End Note:
As someone clearly said A Geek will be a Geek and must be a Geek. If everyone expects me to remain the same, I won’t disappoint anyone. I am kinda hurt but not shattered. I am 100% sure I’m gonna treasure this colourful months forever. My promise to the world is I’ll never stop. Yet, I know very well that she is too sweet to be lost.


MeaKulpa said...

What happened finally... to be or not to be??????????????
Honestly falling in love is an experience... All the best there!

Tech Maddy said...

Thanks Mea Kulpa.. I chose NOT to be..

Falling in love is a great experience indeed..

akshatha said...

hi. i jus read it n i really dunno wot to say!well, she will realize someday that she lost out on something which could have been really precious and wonderful. life is a bag of bitter n sweet experiences...i guess this was one of those which was a bit of both for you..nevertheless lightening can always strike again and i hope one day you will be able to say...god!love is an incredible feeling especially so if its reciprocated.