Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Celebrating the 1000th Visitor for my site.

I started to learn html when I decided I should have a website of my own. I did contact a couple of my friends who have mastered web designing to develop a website for me. Fortunately they didnt find enough time for this project (lol). So I was forced to take the only Road Ahead. I had to learn and develop it myself.

It has been an amazing experience in this web world. Learning how a html tag works, how to link a given page to another, how to use JavaScripts etc has been fun. Not that they were a piece of cake prepared exclusively for me. It was fun enjoying the pain. And yeah did I tell you, the sitemap and basic structure was deisgned in December (in between semester exams). Later I got busy with my US trip work (practice, visa etc) that I had to push it aside. Finally uploaded it in March 2008.

Last week when I visited my page, I was the 1001st visitor!

Its still getting hits (about 10 to 15 per day). Now, I cannot expect a thousand hits/day for my personal website (I'm neither a cricketer nor a movie star, lol). Moreover, The hit counter increments only when there's a unique visitor. I cannot just refresh or open the page 10 times to increment it 10 times.

Many people mailed me their feedbacks and suggestions. Thank you everyone.


Ramesh said...

keep it up buddy !! keep growing !!

Tech Maddy said...

Thanks Ramesh, I really hope my 'i' world grows slowly and steadily