Sunday, July 20, 2008

Horror on TV

Honestly, I hadn't tried my hand in Acting until 11th June. On 11th I ended up doing some terrific (Terrible?) acting..

The best part being this. I acted in a Singing Reality Show called Confident Star Singer. Now, before you jump into a conclusion that I sing as well, let me clarify, I SING PATHETICALLY. My ex roommates are the testimonials (lol). I acted with Keerthana, my very close friend from Belthangadi, who's currently in Top 18.
Round Name : Situation Round
Plot : A lady who met with some unintentional / unnatural death is alluring her love. But in a graveyard, accompanied by her friends (who are ghosts as well) she is ought to scare anyone, including her love.
Unfortunately, the guy (who's still alive) doesn't know that his love is dead yet. Adding to this, he can only listen to her voice, he CANNOT see her..

I swear I didn't get a chance to rehearse at all. All the discussion happened over phone and I couldn't spare enough time on practice (I had my sem exams in 10 days). So on stage, in front of Lakhs of audience, we did our first rehearsal..

Note :

Please rate my acting. Keerthana's voice is just amazing, its uncomparable..

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Lakshman Srikanth said...

You are a rock star dude! yeah her voice is melodious :-)