Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am a Proud Infoscion

I am a proud Infoscion. I got to Infosys on 14th July. I am extremely happy to hold my first ever official offer letter. From last 3 days, I wake up with a smile on my face. I chose my FIRST company wisely.

In the HR round, I came across one of the wierdest HR in my life. He started the talk in this fashion. "Mr Raveesh, I can see that you're really working hard to be a JACK OF ALL TRADES! Didn't your Dad tell you concentrate on your studies?" .

Phew, All these while I had thought I was increasing my productivity by indulging in a Plethora of activities. Thanks to this great HR who made me think there are more than ways of looking at a scenario.
The session went on for about 25 minutes (quite strange because Infy interview usually won't last for more than 10 minutes) where he kept on pointing that I am a confused soul without any fixed goal in life, wasting energy in dancing and quizzing. But as a PJ master, I knew exactly what to do at this situation. I laughed with him at his PATHETIC jokes and added my essence to the same joke. lol.
But in the end, I made a strong statement " Sir, thanks for letting me realize what I am. I will think about all that you've said and decide whether all these while my pursuit of happiness was wrong or not. I will get up a wise person from tomorrow"

I was 300% sure I had to come back on 15th to write the next company when I found my name in the final selected list. I took no time to exclaim Damn, it was a stress interview man.
About half a dozen of my friends who were interviewed my this HR didn't make to the final selected list. I thanked God and rode my bike at neckbreak speed at Ring road (It was raining heavily then) to celebrate, ALONE!


Koli said...

hey congrats man... n software is ur cup of tea... go for wat u want... n all the best for u quizzing... "jack of all n master of none" is not bad in the present day... but u r master of everythin! so tats not a point...

Madhusoodan said...

Congrats! It's unbelievable that you felt the interview as a tough one!!!

Saurav said...

Hi Saurav here,

Another Infoscion, just came through your blog today so thought about saying a hi.

How are things around there?

And how does it feel looking back at life?


Would appreciate if you would drop a mail for the answers at :