Thursday, July 17, 2008

Not my cup of tea

I hadn't taken placements seriously, I just can't explain why. I was really surprised at my blithe indefference towards placements, considering it as just another activity in my life. The only preparation I had done for Wipro VLSI placements was buying a good trousers, a formal leather shoe and a file to carry certificates. Was it because it was a VLSI company or because I wanted some other company is still mysterious.

I cleared the Aptitude round with ease. The technical round was an Eye Opener for me. The interviewer looked at my resume for 2 about 2 minutes and then said, "Well, you have done good work on Quizzing, web development, dance etc I agree. But is there any acheivement of yours in Electronics? ".

The moment he asked me that question I told myself "Shit, what am I doing here? This is a VLSI company". Till date all my achievements have been in the IT / Computer world.

I was not fortunate enough to get into Wipro (or is it the other way round? lol). But then I learnt one main lesson for my life. In the professional world, its a folly to even try your hands at some work which you might not enjoy doing. Doing so will be an agony to both you and your employer.

I woke up a wise man the next day with a resolution to choose wisely from then on.

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akshatha said...

whew! that was some glimpse of what it is to appear for placement interviews! will be needing lotsa tips from you, next year when i'll be appearing for them!