Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Again, I come on Suvarna

I kinda feel privileged to have some of my esteemed friends who are achieving heights in their respective field. 

Keerthana, my childhood friend with whom I acted a couple of months back in Suvarna channel in Confident Star singer Situation round (Watch it) called me up on 23rd July and said "Mayya, there is one more comedy round shooting. Can you come with your college Gang because I am planning for a college scene"

Unfortunately all of my college friends were either enjoying at their native or busy on 29th. So finally one friend Ashwini agreed to join us. I called up my friend Ashrith from Mysore and he readily agreed to join us.

Round : Comedy Round

Plot : A Village boy (Halli Mukka) comes to Bangalore to study. He is clad in an ill fitting Kurta and looks typically a halli mukka. The city dudes and babes find him pretty amusing and try to play around with him. 

Cast : 
Halli Mukka : Its me !!
College Students : Lakshmikantha, Ashrith, Keerthana and Ashwini

Watch out for the mixture of various emotions of the village boy .

End Note : 
Its really an irony. Me, Ashrith, Lakshmikanth and Keerthana all are from very small villages who have come to a Metropolitans chasing our dreams !

I really enjoyed doing the Halli mukka role. I am pretty sure you will like it as well. Please rate my acting if you've time.. 


shanthi said...

Good performance..Acting must be in your genes.If I remember correctly, your dad's uncle was also into acting.

Rashmi said...

hello... 'ts jus too gud... woah dint kno u act too... hats off..!! 'd giv't a 9/10 jus for da heck of't cos u asked... but 'ts brilliant... even keertana... da singer's too gud... so was ashwini.. dint believe 't was her... a nic one... gud goin... :)

Ranjini said...
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