Friday, August 15, 2008

The 'I' day blog

"Inverse Square Law", as it denotes, The Intensity of a celebration dies exponentially as the years pass by.

Sometimes I wonder how thrilled my Grand Father would have felt when Mr Nehru declared on 15th August Midnight "India is Independent". As I write this blog, my hackles rise just by imagining that sensational day. That was indeed the 'I' day.

On the contrary, I abruptly woke up today (15th Aug) at 6 45 AM in the morning as the guy next door was playing "Hallowed be thy name" from Iron Maiden!. I asked myself, was I wrong in expecting a "Vande Matharam" or "Jana Gana Mana" at least on the 'I' day ?

We detest our lecturers who 'request' us to maintain silence in class. We felt like beating up our primary teacher who humbled us for our indiscipline. Now, can we even imagine the situation when this "Primary School Control" had to be extended throughout our life?

Can we even imagine the days in which we had to pray God requesting him to secure our Fundamental Rights? Could we accept if a cop barges into our houses and drags our parents to the police station and beats them Black and Blue just based on some mere conjecture? WE MUST BE LUCKY to be in Independent India.

I agree 61 years is a lot to most of us, the "Hi-Tech" youth. But at-least twice a year let us try to remember our freedom fighters, the heroes without whom we might had to hoist the Union Jack even today.

Lets raise at-least twice a year to give a hearty salute to our Tri-coloured National flag which has always had a deeper connotation than mere 3 colours. Lets forget our religion and region atleast for a day and unanimously shout "We are Indians". Let us try to forgive our brothers and sisters who have always succeeded in stirring up fights in the name of God and language.

End Note :
As for me, I have always been a staunch believer of Gandhian principles. I never crib when non-Indians recognize me as a person from the country where Gandhiji walked. I know very well that most of my contemporaries disclaim their faith towards Gandhiji. But again, Gandhiji is not Hitler to coercively make everyone like him!


Krishna Bharadwaj said...

Very well written.. What you said is absolutely true!!

Koli said...

nicely written.. and one more thing people may disagree wit gandhian principles.. but the expect it from others!!! and celebratin i agree.. but v need to be a citizen do our duties to the country.. celebratin comes next..

Lakshman Srikanth said...

awesome, it was truely inspiring... Every true Indian should read this :-) although we have a huge list of problems but still if we unite as INDIANS, i hope we can be the best :)

Shawty ;) said...

Vande Maatram :)