Tuesday, September 30, 2008


You must be really fortunate to actually have understood the feel in the statement, "A friend in need is a friend indeed". I am one of those fortunate guys who have understood that.

It feels so good to be loved and supported by that friend of yours when the entire crowd around you hates you. When he pats your back and says, "Hey man, I am with you. I will fight for you no matter what is the outcome", you actually feel your self-confidence,which is long dead, springing back into life...

Now I don't mind if the entire world is against me. And I mean it...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rang De Basanti

Kid : "Pappa, what are you doing?"
Dad : "Beta, I am planting these plants"
Kid : "Pappa, why are you doing this?"
Kid : "Beta, I am doing this so that once the plant grows we can harvest the crop and earn from that"

Later that day the dad finds his son sticking some sticks besides the farm. Curious to know what the kid's doing, the dad goes there...

Dad : "Beta, what are you doing with those sticks?"
Son : "Pappa, I am planting the guns so that once the guns grow, we can drive the British out of our country"

This revolutionary kid not only succeeded in making guns and bombs and scared the hell out of the British but also made our country realize that "You just can't communicate in words to the Deaf man. You need an Explosion to get them to their senses"

27th September is the birth day of the legendary Bhagat Singh who made best use of the Court Trials to speak out his principles and opinions. This was a unique approach which very much involved the most prevalent media of the day, the newspaper.

A British officer who was in duty while Bhagat Singh was awarded the death sentence has famously made this statement, "I always thought there are 2 kinds of people; one, who cry on the face of death and another who accept death with a smiling face. But now I know for sure, there is another kind". This was after he saw Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru singing on their way to execution ground. 

I admit that I didn't realize that today (27th Sept) was the birthday of this legendary revolutionary until a friend of mine sent me a sms. Apart from giving tribute to Bhagat Singh which is my primary objective, I had one more thing to pen down. It was regarding this sms that I received. 

The SMS goes like this : "Everyone celebrates the Birthday of Gandhiji on 2nd October. Today 27th September is the birthday of our great hero "Bhagat Singh". At least pass this message to every Indian. Be a true Indian.  Jai hind" 

I agree the composer of this sms has done a great job of reminding all the "True Indians" what they are actually forgetting. But then I couldn't help but notice this; Why was there a mention of Gandhi Jayanthi? Asking questions, Didn't the message mean "Why are you celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi?" Or in other words, "You guys are wasting your time celebrating the birthday of Gandhiji while the true hero is Bhagat Singh"! Now why on Earth is this comparison needed? 

For God's sake, they are Freedom fighters. This is not some Political Agenda or Politicians to compare. They were unique in their approach, thats why they are leaders. But for God's sake don't compare them. Even though the movie, "The Legend Of Bhagat Singh" did a great job of featuring the true life of  Bhagat Singh, the movie indirectly vilified Mahatma Gandhiji. I seriously hated this part of the movie. When you go to western country, people recognise you as a person from that place where Mahatma Gandhiji walked.

Please keep your personal agenda back at your home and come out to celebrate the birthdays of these true leaders at the truest sense. Let the spirit of oneness be there in all of us, the True Indians. Lets get united to face the modern day threats like the terrorism...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its the time to Cisco

Cisco Systems had come to PESIT on 19th of September to recruit students. I had decided before that I wouldn't give the written test for Cisco for the following reasons :
  • I had to host a Quiz show at PESIT on 20th on behalf of IEEE
  • I had to prepare for a test which was scheduled on the 21st September
Yet, I wanted to view their pre-placement presentation. I started repenting my decision to drop Cisco test while the presentation was going on. GOD, Cisco was much much superior and better than what I had assumed. For example, I never knew that they had a lion's share in the VOIP market.

So cursing myself, I gave my test, finished it quickly and resumed my quiz work. I was so engrossed with that, I never realized it was 9 pm and the shortlisted candidates list was about to be put up. It was only when Rohit, my friend from PESSE called me to congratulate me that I realized I was shortlisted. OH BOY!!

So I handed over the questions and the entire responsibility of the quiz show to Pradeep, another budding quizmaster from PESIT and informed the IEEE group that Pradeep would be handling the quiz.

It was around 10 45 pm that I could start preparing for the interview, taking out few books to brushing up the networking concepts.

The day of interview was MY DAY. Everything that happened favoured me. There were a couple of interview panels which rejected the students in 15-20 mins and there were a couple of them which interviewed the students for more than 90 minutes! But my interviewer, Mr. Manohar was a cool and composed person who asked handful of technical questions! Later he asked me the history of Cisco, about the C shell etc. As a quizzer I believe I could answer them satisfactorily.

The final selected list was announced at around 4 30 pm. I got into CISCO SYSTEMS !! It felt so good, I can't put it in words. In 2 years, I became the first ECE student to get into all 3 Tiers (Infosys, Thoughtworks and Cisco) having 2 of the most sought after offers! My hit rate of clearing the interview has been 75% (I couldn't clear the Wipro VLSI interview!! ).

Also, in every Tier, I got into the 2nd company I applied. In Tier 3, I couldn't clear Wipro VLSI but got into Infosys. In Tier 2, I tried Freescale Semiconductors, I couldn't clear the screening test, the next day Thoughtworks came and I got into it. In Tier 1, Yahoo! was my first try and the same week I cleared Cisco Systems. It is really a blissful experience.

After the formalities, I ran to the quiz site and for my delight the quiz had just begun. So I took over the show and finished it off in style. That DAY was MY DAY indeed.

I am now assertive that post-placement days are the most relaxed days of anyone's life. I am enjoying every second of it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Microsoft Student Partner Lead 2008-09

I got a mail this Thursday from Microsoft Acad team that I have been promoted as the MSP lead for the year 2008-09. Previously called as "Microsoft Student Ambassador", this role of MSP lead demands increased maturity, increased responsibility and along with that, recognition.

The happiest thing being, I am one of the 6 MSPs in India who are been selected as the Leads. The other 5 being

  • Bigyan Bhar - Kolkata
  • Kaushal Bhavsar - Ahmedabad
  • Lakshman Shrikanth - Bangalore
  • Mayur Tendulkar - Pune
  • Urjit Singh Bhatia - Baroda

We have 2 MSP leads from Bangalore, myself and Lakshman. This must be a happy news for the Bdotnetstudet community. Its feels so good when someone recognises our work and pat our shoulder. Not only does it motivates us to do more things, it instills self-confidence in us.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Aatmatrisha Logistics Team 2008

June 3rd  : "Hi Raveesh, I wish you happy birthday, Have a blast - Ms YYYYY, Aatmatrisha Logistics Team"

May 27th :  "Hmmm, nice blog I must say. What boss, been really bindaas by confessing your love to someone in your Blog!! But please don't be a Devdas and step back because of this - Ms ZZZZZ, Aatmatrisha Logistics Team"

These are 2 of the sms I'd got on various occations which I had kept without deleting. I am not sure if Ms YYYYY and Ms ZZZZZ liked reading their names in my blog, so an alias ;-). 

I am making this blog entry as a tribute to the wonderful logistic team of Aatmatrisha 2008. Aatmatrisha was at its best in 2008 of which I was a proud core team member.  It all started well when a really dedicated core team was formed. As core team members, we rolled out our plans for the fest and charted out the dates, deadlines etc. It was then that a group of enthusiastic, charming girls approached us to take charge of the Logistics department which is the most laborious and strenuous of all jobs. Little did I realize then that this "all girls team" had tremendous amount of determination and energy to be one perfect logistics team. 

The team not only did their assignments flawlessly, but also during my quiz events, (when there was a severe shortage of volunteers for evaluating quiz answer papers etc) they came to my resque, helping me out from evaluation to validation of tickets! Hats off to you girls. 

Me with the Logistic Team after the fest

The fest was a success which made us forget all the pains we had for over a month.  What's really worth noting that while the core team enjoyed the success and later forgot what is Aatmatrisha, these gals still associated themselves with the fest even after 3 months! I quoted those 2 messages in the beginning of this post to illustrate the same. 

I realized then, that it was this team which had incessantly worked in the background to make sure Aatmatrisha was a success.  The credit for its success equally goes to this team. I don't know if anyone else has thanked them, but I feel the team deserves more than just a thanks. Subject to immense pressure, I might have been rude to them occationally. I am optimistic, the team has taken it in a good sense. Yet my sincere apologies if I've hurt them knowingly or otherwise. 

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I couldn't "Apply Thought", yet my Thought "Worked"

Analyzing one of my implausible dream...

I always dreamt of a situation when my "Dream Company" announced its final list and I found your name there! I used to ask myself, "how are you feeling right now?" I dreamt of the situation when that "Dream Company" offered me "Application Developer" portfolio (even though I'm from Electronics Discipline) along with some of the best Computer Science Brains of my batch!!

Now, when you know that this is an impossible dream, yet your dream came true, how would you feel? I know its hard to explain. Really hard to blog about it. But I can tell you this, "Its a blissful Experience!"

The first time I came across Thoughtworks was in my 4th semester in PESIT campus. As a sponsor of one of our college's fest they had set up a "Stall" where they were conducting an Open Tech Quiz contest. I participated in it, won it! An Alumnus of PESIT, the organizer of Quiz told me about the company and its unique work culture, I was really impressed.

Thoughtworks has 6 rounds of interviews and each round is an elimination round. Needless to say the recruiters were very specific about the qualities, a fresh thoughtworkers ought to possess. Agility, creativity and strength in computing concepts. Don't you think its a great feeling to find your name in the list after 6 rounds of interviews! 

To justify the title of this blog post, I had applied for Wipro VLSI, an electronics company a couple of months back. I was rejected in the technical round as I was "inept in Electronics". That was the day I thought, "May be I should never ever apply for an Electronics company". Now I realize my thought indeed worked!

End Note :
When Adidas claims, "Impossible is nothing", I don't think they do it just because its a catchy punchline. Dreaming is not at all a folly when you start believing that you have the energy to realize the dream!