Friday, September 5, 2008

Aatmatrisha Logistics Team 2008

June 3rd  : "Hi Raveesh, I wish you happy birthday, Have a blast - Ms YYYYY, Aatmatrisha Logistics Team"

May 27th :  "Hmmm, nice blog I must say. What boss, been really bindaas by confessing your love to someone in your Blog!! But please don't be a Devdas and step back because of this - Ms ZZZZZ, Aatmatrisha Logistics Team"

These are 2 of the sms I'd got on various occations which I had kept without deleting. I am not sure if Ms YYYYY and Ms ZZZZZ liked reading their names in my blog, so an alias ;-). 

I am making this blog entry as a tribute to the wonderful logistic team of Aatmatrisha 2008. Aatmatrisha was at its best in 2008 of which I was a proud core team member.  It all started well when a really dedicated core team was formed. As core team members, we rolled out our plans for the fest and charted out the dates, deadlines etc. It was then that a group of enthusiastic, charming girls approached us to take charge of the Logistics department which is the most laborious and strenuous of all jobs. Little did I realize then that this "all girls team" had tremendous amount of determination and energy to be one perfect logistics team. 

The team not only did their assignments flawlessly, but also during my quiz events, (when there was a severe shortage of volunteers for evaluating quiz answer papers etc) they came to my resque, helping me out from evaluation to validation of tickets! Hats off to you girls. 

Me with the Logistic Team after the fest

The fest was a success which made us forget all the pains we had for over a month.  What's really worth noting that while the core team enjoyed the success and later forgot what is Aatmatrisha, these gals still associated themselves with the fest even after 3 months! I quoted those 2 messages in the beginning of this post to illustrate the same. 

I realized then, that it was this team which had incessantly worked in the background to make sure Aatmatrisha was a success.  The credit for its success equally goes to this team. I don't know if anyone else has thanked them, but I feel the team deserves more than just a thanks. Subject to immense pressure, I might have been rude to them occationally. I am optimistic, the team has taken it in a good sense. Yet my sincere apologies if I've hurt them knowingly or otherwise. 


Rohit Nair said...

ahem ahem! as long as 'logistics' doesnt turn 'lovistic' :)


Raveesh Mayya said...
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Raveesh Mayya said...

I hereby vow that this won't turn into 'lovistic"

Amen ;-)