Thursday, September 4, 2008

I couldn't "Apply Thought", yet my Thought "Worked"

Analyzing one of my implausible dream...

I always dreamt of a situation when my "Dream Company" announced its final list and I found your name there! I used to ask myself, "how are you feeling right now?" I dreamt of the situation when that "Dream Company" offered me "Application Developer" portfolio (even though I'm from Electronics Discipline) along with some of the best Computer Science Brains of my batch!!

Now, when you know that this is an impossible dream, yet your dream came true, how would you feel? I know its hard to explain. Really hard to blog about it. But I can tell you this, "Its a blissful Experience!"

The first time I came across Thoughtworks was in my 4th semester in PESIT campus. As a sponsor of one of our college's fest they had set up a "Stall" where they were conducting an Open Tech Quiz contest. I participated in it, won it! An Alumnus of PESIT, the organizer of Quiz told me about the company and its unique work culture, I was really impressed.

Thoughtworks has 6 rounds of interviews and each round is an elimination round. Needless to say the recruiters were very specific about the qualities, a fresh thoughtworkers ought to possess. Agility, creativity and strength in computing concepts. Don't you think its a great feeling to find your name in the list after 6 rounds of interviews! 

To justify the title of this blog post, I had applied for Wipro VLSI, an electronics company a couple of months back. I was rejected in the technical round as I was "inept in Electronics". That was the day I thought, "May be I should never ever apply for an Electronics company". Now I realize my thought indeed worked!

End Note :
When Adidas claims, "Impossible is nothing", I don't think they do it just because its a catchy punchline. Dreaming is not at all a folly when you start believing that you have the energy to realize the dream! 


Kedar Kulkarni said...

Welcome to ThoughtWorks!, hope you enjoy your time here..

dynamicproxy said...

The wierdest things can happen sometimes :)

Welcome, and I'm sure you'll enjoy the Thoughtworks University :)

-- Ram

Raveesh Mayya said...

I am really previleged....

Thanks a lot for your support...