Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its the time to Cisco

Cisco Systems had come to PESIT on 19th of September to recruit students. I had decided before that I wouldn't give the written test for Cisco for the following reasons :
  • I had to host a Quiz show at PESIT on 20th on behalf of IEEE
  • I had to prepare for a test which was scheduled on the 21st September
Yet, I wanted to view their pre-placement presentation. I started repenting my decision to drop Cisco test while the presentation was going on. GOD, Cisco was much much superior and better than what I had assumed. For example, I never knew that they had a lion's share in the VOIP market.

So cursing myself, I gave my test, finished it quickly and resumed my quiz work. I was so engrossed with that, I never realized it was 9 pm and the shortlisted candidates list was about to be put up. It was only when Rohit, my friend from PESSE called me to congratulate me that I realized I was shortlisted. OH BOY!!

So I handed over the questions and the entire responsibility of the quiz show to Pradeep, another budding quizmaster from PESIT and informed the IEEE group that Pradeep would be handling the quiz.

It was around 10 45 pm that I could start preparing for the interview, taking out few books to brushing up the networking concepts.

The day of interview was MY DAY. Everything that happened favoured me. There were a couple of interview panels which rejected the students in 15-20 mins and there were a couple of them which interviewed the students for more than 90 minutes! But my interviewer, Mr. Manohar was a cool and composed person who asked handful of technical questions! Later he asked me the history of Cisco, about the C shell etc. As a quizzer I believe I could answer them satisfactorily.

The final selected list was announced at around 4 30 pm. I got into CISCO SYSTEMS !! It felt so good, I can't put it in words. In 2 years, I became the first ECE student to get into all 3 Tiers (Infosys, Thoughtworks and Cisco) having 2 of the most sought after offers! My hit rate of clearing the interview has been 75% (I couldn't clear the Wipro VLSI interview!! ).

Also, in every Tier, I got into the 2nd company I applied. In Tier 3, I couldn't clear Wipro VLSI but got into Infosys. In Tier 2, I tried Freescale Semiconductors, I couldn't clear the screening test, the next day Thoughtworks came and I got into it. In Tier 1, Yahoo! was my first try and the same week I cleared Cisco Systems. It is really a blissful experience.

After the formalities, I ran to the quiz site and for my delight the quiz had just begun. So I took over the show and finished it off in style. That DAY was MY DAY indeed.

I am now assertive that post-placement days are the most relaxed days of anyone's life. I am enjoying every second of it.


dynamicproxy said...

I congratulate you on getting placed.

One tip: Get out of this mindset of "brushing up on concepts", because you will be expected to remember things years after they were taught at college.

Raveesh Mayya said...

Yeah, you're right Ram.. I must start to work on that..

scorpion said...
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scorpion said...

I think it's always better to brush up on things!!! coz u never know when u might get to learn something new out of nowhere or realise something which u cundnt till now ...
and btw a great writeup raveesh ... i always enjoy n long for one of those days when everything's just going great for some reason ... :)

aiya`dt said...

hey there!
congrats again,
i hope you remember me, i was one of the quiz finalists, from SIT Tumkur :(
why dont you add a blog follower gadget on your blog?
also im looking forward to buy your blitz book, im adding you on facebook

Akshay said...

hey buddy
congratulations for that
and thanx for helping me
have good working days