Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rang De Basanti

Kid : "Pappa, what are you doing?"
Dad : "Beta, I am planting these plants"
Kid : "Pappa, why are you doing this?"
Kid : "Beta, I am doing this so that once the plant grows we can harvest the crop and earn from that"

Later that day the dad finds his son sticking some sticks besides the farm. Curious to know what the kid's doing, the dad goes there...

Dad : "Beta, what are you doing with those sticks?"
Son : "Pappa, I am planting the guns so that once the guns grow, we can drive the British out of our country"

This revolutionary kid not only succeeded in making guns and bombs and scared the hell out of the British but also made our country realize that "You just can't communicate in words to the Deaf man. You need an Explosion to get them to their senses"

27th September is the birth day of the legendary Bhagat Singh who made best use of the Court Trials to speak out his principles and opinions. This was a unique approach which very much involved the most prevalent media of the day, the newspaper.

A British officer who was in duty while Bhagat Singh was awarded the death sentence has famously made this statement, "I always thought there are 2 kinds of people; one, who cry on the face of death and another who accept death with a smiling face. But now I know for sure, there is another kind". This was after he saw Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru singing on their way to execution ground. 

I admit that I didn't realize that today (27th Sept) was the birthday of this legendary revolutionary until a friend of mine sent me a sms. Apart from giving tribute to Bhagat Singh which is my primary objective, I had one more thing to pen down. It was regarding this sms that I received. 

The SMS goes like this : "Everyone celebrates the Birthday of Gandhiji on 2nd October. Today 27th September is the birthday of our great hero "Bhagat Singh". At least pass this message to every Indian. Be a true Indian.  Jai hind" 

I agree the composer of this sms has done a great job of reminding all the "True Indians" what they are actually forgetting. But then I couldn't help but notice this; Why was there a mention of Gandhi Jayanthi? Asking questions, Didn't the message mean "Why are you celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi?" Or in other words, "You guys are wasting your time celebrating the birthday of Gandhiji while the true hero is Bhagat Singh"! Now why on Earth is this comparison needed? 

For God's sake, they are Freedom fighters. This is not some Political Agenda or Politicians to compare. They were unique in their approach, thats why they are leaders. But for God's sake don't compare them. Even though the movie, "The Legend Of Bhagat Singh" did a great job of featuring the true life of  Bhagat Singh, the movie indirectly vilified Mahatma Gandhiji. I seriously hated this part of the movie. When you go to western country, people recognise you as a person from that place where Mahatma Gandhiji walked.

Please keep your personal agenda back at your home and come out to celebrate the birthdays of these true leaders at the truest sense. Let the spirit of oneness be there in all of us, the True Indians. Lets get united to face the modern day threats like the terrorism...

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