Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Gandhian Thought

"Generations to come, it may be, will scarcely believe that such a one, as this, ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth."  told Albert Einstein about Mahatma Gandhiji. Then, in 1940s, people would tend to disbelieve this quote of his. How on Earth can someone forget Mahatma Gandhi? I mean, is it just as false as his famous statement on Theory of Relativity that "Time is relative and not absolute!!" 

But now, its time to think. Just a couple of years back, the scientists got physical proofs for his Theory of relativity, didn't they? So will his thought about Gandhiji be proved as well? Or have we, the current generation already proved that? 

When asked, "Who is Gandhji?" some movie buff is reported to have replied, "He's that person who helped Munna Bhai get his girlfriend". Jokes aside, but I seriously feel we are not much different. 

One common arguement has always been, "If it was not Gandhiji, we would have got Independence much much before, may be in 1910s itself. The entire freedom struggle slowed down because of his "non-violence" movement. This lead to the formation of Pakistan etc etc" Now I would want to ask them one thing. Is Independence the ultimate goal? Or should we matured enough to handle the independence? If India had got Independence by 1910s, I feel there would be Madras country, Hyderabad country, J&K country, Avadh country, Bengal country and so on. The country as suckh didn't have that unified movement which got everyone together. It was the movements like Quit India, Civil Disobedience and Dandi March which got the entire country together and gave the feeling of oneness. 

Another thing we must realize that British came to India as traders and ruled us because of our own lack of unity and greed. So unless we ourselves are matured enough to be united and face everything as a country, there is no point of freedom. Look what happened in Iraq immediately after Saddam Hussein was dethroned? Burglers took advantage of the anarchy and almost all the museums which preserved the ancient monuments of Persian and Mesopotamian civilizations were plundered. Today, the country is celebrating its non-dictator leadership, but at the cost of what?

Finally, our Independence is the result of sacrifices of thousands of noble souls. But just like the fact that Ustad Isa is credited to have architectured Taj Mahal even though thousands of people contributed for this eternal monument of Love, Mahatma Gandhiji is called the architect of Indian Independence. Having said this, it is very clear that the contributions of all our leaders like Balgangadhar Tilak, Chandrashekar Azad, Subhashchandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Karnad Sadashiv Rao, Nehru etc are unforgettable. What we are, its all because of them. 

End Note : Please note that this is entirely the opinion of the blogger and doesn't represent the public opinion or sentiment. Feel free to comment on this, if you feel I have been blind about my views...


Suman said...

gr8 posts...keep it up
i was actually waitin for ur nxt post....

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sanjukimi said...

Good One :) But to be really frank, even i belong to the category of people who know only who Mahatma Gandhi was and nothing else :( I just know bits and pieces of what he did, where he was born and some basic stuff. Interested to know more about him after reading this. Thank you :)

Kumble2904 said...

I am not a fan of Mr. M. K. Gandhi, but I liked your post, esp the part about maturing. But also another thought, there is not guarantee that a unified country wouldnt have been possible at all 1910. Depends on certain leaders and leadership at any time. It was only because Sardar Vallabhai Patel that entire India was unified. Without him we would have been still Karnataka Country, Punjab Country, Mangalore Country ;) even in 1947.

Before British, the Marathas had almost achieved a unified country with the exception of Sikhs in NW Frontier, British in bengal, Mysore and Nizam in the south. And Marathas had a thought of achieving a unified Bharath country until the British defeated them. The Marathas had good relationship with Sikhs as well as Mysore state. They just hated Moghuls, Nizams and others who were hell bent on destroying Aryan Cultures. The Sikhs and Mysore state along with Marathas came to existance for the same sole purpose. Alas all the 3 native powers had a short lifetime, to be defeated by the British. The curse on our great motherland that we ourselves cannot rule for a 1000 years! And we havent achieved the kind of nation even after the 1000 years. Its time for another Shivaji!

Pavan Kumar said...

@raveesh: Awesome post man :)

@kumble: You must now be a fan of MK Gandhi! Don't know why you aren't.
I can only laugh and pity on those who arent. lol.

PS said...

@raveesh - well written !
@kumble2904- i agree with u too.

He was sure a great leader.. a person who showed people of India a common goal ! he truly was a great father to the nation but not to his own kids ! :(
But even he was a human and so mistakes do happen, but the blood shed by other great men must be equally honored :)

Mr.Walker said...

This s nice, however eventhough I believe in Gandhian Thought but it tactfully fails to achieve sharp results, the victory of the Cause defined by non violence is always permanent but the cost is always to expensive and too long
for a single lifetime.,
Now it is applicable when the goals are shorterm
but not long term, India is honored and grateful to Gandhi and the many who laid their lives down for the cause that we breathe air _ but what about the consequences of Gandhi's own family, his life was a misery, so what is required is tactful application of the principle above, dependent on the situation and the extent of the power of the cause. And how far we are willing to trade are personal life for destiny in quewstion.
* forgive grammatical errors

Nitesh said...

Good one... Whatever you write on fb or here, It'll be having some gud meanings... Keep it up...

Abhijeet said...
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Kumble2904 said...


I dont understand why Gandhian people think that everyone else also have to follow Mr Gandhi!!! May be u guys think only you are right!?! Just a thought to think about! This thought of yours may in fact be Anti-Gandhian!!! :D

Arent we entitled of our own opinion? I think we do in a Democratic setup. Some of us just dont believe in what he believed, as simple as that.

Sometimes even i laugh ;)


Saket Sinha said...

My all thoughts are kind of included in this post , as I believed Gandhi of doing more bad than good(especially the case of Bhagat singh).

But guys mind it till the time currency has Gandhi's pic I am an Gandhian and those who are not I will soon give them my account no. for respecting there views from the bottom of my heart...:p

Neo said...

Great Post.. :) nicely said.. :)