Thursday, November 27, 2008

Farewell to Pillars of Team Sanskrithi

It was an emotional event indeed because the founders of Sanskrithi, the greatest cultural team that ever walked (to be specific, ROCKED) PESIT campus were about to graduate and leave the dance troupe. The least we could do is to bid a heartfelt farewell to them.

Credit goes to Rashmi who took the initiative of making the arrangements from booking the party hall to designing the collages to buying the gifts to our beloved seniors. 3 Cheers to Rashmi.

Shweta took up a tedious responsibility of compiling a short movie or a video clip describing Team Sanskrithi’s achievement. The video gives a sneak peak of Sanskrithi’s path from a humble start to a humungous leap to USA. 3 cheers to Shweta....

End Note : 

We, the junior team bade farewell to 6 seniors who graduated this year. But unless I’m very much wrong, there was this 7th person in the group who had already decided (with 100% surety) to quit the team with these seniors because for that person “Sanskrithi is Raghu, Nisha and Chithra”. I bade a silent farewell to that dancer as well

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Shweta Kumar said...

Our seniors were the foundation and pillars of our team and we hope that we can carry forward the legacy of Sanskrithi and pass it on to our juniors. Thanks for uploading the video here..I hope it will always keep the memories of our team and our US trip alive.