Friday, August 14, 2009

When is the last time you updated your blog?

This question looked really funny n lame but sure is a taunt. From the time I read this somewhere, I've been thinking, "Man, its been one hell of a hiatus; I need to update it". Why have I not been so very passive?

Q1 : Is it because I find blogging boring?
ans : Not at all

Q2 : Is there something more interesting online to do?
ans : Not quite. But I don't deny it.

Q3 : Is it because I maintain too many blogs that I'm not doing justice to my personal blog?
ans : Probably yes

Q4 : Is it because I am unable to think "creatively" ?
ans : Ha ha, I don't have an answer myself.

Q5 : Is it because I am not getting a theme on which I can write?
ans : Verymuch possible.

Q6 : Is it because I decided never to blog about my personal feelings?
ans : Yes.

Q7 : Is it because I do not want i.Raveesh to be my alterego?
ans : Yes

Then why on first place did I nurture i.Raveesh?
Am I of the opinion that my web activities are eating my bandwidth?
Are they becoming too taxing?

Well, this is how I put it.
I was lonely, I was ignorant. I wanted an interesting self. So I created i.Raveesh. Now, I see a more colourful real world. I want to live every minute of my life.

End Note :
Has i.Raveesh gone for ever? Will he be active?
I would say, he is taking a break. He is surely not gone.. NOT YET.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three mistakes as a Bike Rider

Decided to confess the 3 mistakes that I committed today as a bike rider as I couldn't take the pinch anymore. Feeling very guilty and sad for having done that. Without much of a build-up, here goes the 3 mistakes.

Mistake Number One :

On my way to Bangalore Race course road, I happened to stop my bike at a traffic signal. The traffic light was still red for us when I realized that there are no more vehicles from the other side and the road is clean. Deciding not to jump the traffic signal, I did not kick start my bike. It was just about 5 seconds when a Tata Safari (a Indian SUV) driver started honking the horn incessantly. It was very clear that it was for me and the signal was still red. I turned back and signaled him to look at the traffic signal.

He got his vehicle next to me and opened the door and started yelling at me. He made me realize that I was very "insensible" and "irresponsible" to have waited until the traffic signal light turned green. His body language was aggressive and flaunted his links to a state government MLA. Neither could I match him is size nor could I return back the words with equal vulgarity. I just made way to him but yes, executed the mistake of following the traffic rules.

Mistake Number Two :

There was this Tata Sumo which apparently not been serviced for over an year now. It not just contaminated the entire place with its smoke but also suffocated a couple of two wheeler riders (right in front of me). So in the next traffic signal, I decided to inform him the same. So when I did, he stared at me for about 5 seconds as though he wanted to poke my eyes with whatever he could grasp. With a pursed lips, he just turned away, neglecting my comment. So a brave youth, I knocked at his wind shield and told, "Boss, its not good to neglect other's comments, do check your Vehicle's condition". Another sensible biker joined me in suggesting him when he erupted with fury. "Muchkond nim kelsa nodkolro. Nange helak bandraa nan makla... Blah Blah. " (English translation : Shut up and mind your business. Don't try to give me advices blah blah).

Did a mistake again informing him to be sensible !!

Mistake Number Three :

There was a traffic jam close to Mysore Bank Colony and I was moving slowly. Suddenly I felt a jerk in my bike. Someone had knocked me with their bike !! Temper rising, I turn back to shout back at the careless rider when I see a old couple fallen down. Their TVS Excel had hit me perpendicularly which clearly meant that the rider lost control which negotiating the main road-sub road junction. (I was in the main road F.Y.I).

On humanitarian grounds, I went to help them when the mob around me started scolding me. The grandpa knew its his mistake but bloody, even he started scolding me. Clearly, I got a message that its a mistake owning a Karizma. I could recall just one statement from Onida, "Owner's pride, Neighbour's envy".

I couldn't control but shouting back at the crowd to judge sensibly in the situation. How on Earth can I knock a vehicle from behind !!! I told the grandpa, "I am not expecting an apology from you as you're a senior citizen, but you lost respect in my eyes because you acted cheaply" Clearly, its not fair to scold me when its his bloody mistake. I am sure, everyone around realized that its his mistake but they were dogmatic. I apologized the "Culprits" and scooted from that area.

Am I wrong in Doing this today? What an absurd question !! If I were right, no one would yell at me right?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I will vote

Blogging after a very long time. Posting a blog for a noble reason. I am hoping to post this in a serious and urgent note

The country is right now got into the mood of IPL and the 20-20 mania is spreading like fire as expected. Youngistan, of which I am a part of, is fully submerged in the sensational IPL. We eat, sleep and talk cricket and it is (almost) our fundamental right to enjoy every ball of IPL.

But I am fearing the loss of seriousness in another right which we ought to exercise. THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

To throw some facts :
  • 43 million FIRST TIME Voters have been enrolled to the 2009 electoral rolls. This is an amazing 4.3 crore population, representing about 10% of Adult population !!
  • An advertisement read, about 65% of Indian population is below the age of 40 making India one of the youngest countries in the world. Yet India has the oldest parliamentarians (in terms of age). !!
I have decided to vote this time. I have decided to skip 1 day of my internship, 1 day of college, spend around 800 INR to goto my hometown, JUST TO VOTE.

Why should I go home just to cast 1 vote amidst a million Inconveniences?

Ans :
  • I believe that I have the common sense to decide which government can do good and which one sucks..
  • I believe, A right policy by a right government gives me my money back in 2 months, may it be good roads or a good financial budget.
  • I consider myself ethically eligible to comment on Government : Good, Bad and Ugly.
We any ways have to vote to the same seasoned parties right? How will my voting/not-voting change the scenario?
This is one question which haunted me for quite some time. I think I have convinced myself now..

Ans :
  • All the poll predictions by various parties are done excluding the Youngistan since they take it for granted that we don't turn out for voting.
  • They rely on their illiterate vote bank for most of the calculations.
  • With the thoughtful Youngistan coming forward to vote and jeopardizing their calculations/statistics, the parties is forced to think next time.
  • Since the youth is thoughtful, they cannot do monkey tricks to impress us. The only way to woo the Youngistan is by doing something useful !!
  • The game has changed now !! We can see positive results in less than 10 years with young and vibrant youth being more and more active in politics.

So as of now, what I can do is to vote myself and blog about it. With time, I am sure of making myself more active in clean politics. I have time to decide my roadmap.

I feel proud of being a sensible citizen of the energetic Youngistan !!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yahoo Open Hack Day 2009

I was one of the invitee to the Yahoo! Open Hackday 2009. I felt glad as I heard there were around 900 applications and I was one of the 350 guys who got the final invite. And what's best, it was on the 14th of Feb. I know, many of you would think, "what an unromantic way to spend the Valentines Day!" I'm not yet qualified for the V-Day celebration as I'm still single :)

It was indeed a great event. Some of the highlights of the events as seen by iRaveesh

  • The sessions were really cool. I got to know about some of the coolest technologies available.
  • This was followed by the 24 hours hacking contest. Our hack was not that hot, yet the learning involved was tremendous.
  • I had a chance to interact with David Filo, the founder of Yahoo! Answering one of my questions, he said, "If you start a company because you like doing it, even if the company fails, you won't curse yourself because you liked doing it. But if you start a company just for profits, the failure of the company will put you in a worst mess"
David Filo, the co-founder of Yahoo! holding my shoulders :)

  • As a V-Day entertainment, there was a Dance show by Shadow One group. After their dance performance was over, they called the hackers on stage and perform impromptu dancing. I just jumped out of my table, ran to stage and danced!
  • The professional dancers were supposed to teach us dance, but as in the photo, I was teaching them some steps (LOL).
  • As I was the best dancer among the hackers, I won an iPod! (OMG)
  • Awesome food 24 hours a day with unlimited drinks.
  • My photo came in the Metro Edition of Deccan Herald on 19th Feb. I look like I am hacking very seriously :)
Find me - Bottom Left

It was a great event and I enjoyed every bit of it. Looking forward for the same next year as well. Next year, I hope to win the event

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am an intern at Microsoft

Feels great to have secured an internship at Microsoft Acad Team. I will be working there for 3 months driving a couple of Academic Initiatives like Live @ edu. 

The work has already started and I'm loving it. I would be interacting with academic folks, fellow student partners across the country. Always liked interactive work, let's see how much I love by The end of my 3 month internship. :)

Hoping to do my best. 

End Note: there might be some formatting issues for this blogpost. I am using BlogWriter to blog using my iPod Touch. 

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Capturing Wildlife with Kalyan Varma n Mukta Darera

As a student of PESIT, if there's one name which is impossible not to have heard about, it is of an amazing person named Kalyan Varma. If you're still very sure you've not heard of Kalyan Varma, my humble request is to spend some time looking out for information about Kalyan. I consider him as my role-model when it comes to Following one's passion. 

My good friend Mukta Darera, is another person who I adore very much for having quit her job at Intel and setting up an agency which she always dreamt about. Her company, iReboot helps people experience their dream job and find out what they love. 

She recently sent me a mail which had details about a 3 DAY Risk-Free Photography Camp in Bannerghatta. And guess what, its conducted by Kallu (Kalyan Varma). The Slogan goes like this :

"You don’t have to give up anything to try your hand at your long nurtured dream of becoming a photographer. We at iReboot have configured a fine workshop to help people like you discover your hidden talents and desires, and possibly even reboot their careers, and their lives! Without ever risking what they currently do for a living. "

I am sure many of us would have dreamt about being a photographer and master the photography skills. All we need is a Triggering Event and I am sure, this event would do exactly that. And what more, its from 24th to 26th January (Saturday to Monday which is a holiday again)

Don't think much here. Let your brain not think for you atleast this time. Think from your heart. Visit iReboot website right now.