Sunday, January 11, 2009

Capturing Wildlife with Kalyan Varma n Mukta Darera

As a student of PESIT, if there's one name which is impossible not to have heard about, it is of an amazing person named Kalyan Varma. If you're still very sure you've not heard of Kalyan Varma, my humble request is to spend some time looking out for information about Kalyan. I consider him as my role-model when it comes to Following one's passion. 

My good friend Mukta Darera, is another person who I adore very much for having quit her job at Intel and setting up an agency which she always dreamt about. Her company, iReboot helps people experience their dream job and find out what they love. 

She recently sent me a mail which had details about a 3 DAY Risk-Free Photography Camp in Bannerghatta. And guess what, its conducted by Kallu (Kalyan Varma). The Slogan goes like this :

"You don’t have to give up anything to try your hand at your long nurtured dream of becoming a photographer. We at iReboot have configured a fine workshop to help people like you discover your hidden talents and desires, and possibly even reboot their careers, and their lives! Without ever risking what they currently do for a living. "

I am sure many of us would have dreamt about being a photographer and master the photography skills. All we need is a Triggering Event and I am sure, this event would do exactly that. And what more, its from 24th to 26th January (Saturday to Monday which is a holiday again)

Don't think much here. Let your brain not think for you atleast this time. Think from your heart. Visit iReboot website right now.


Suman said...

gr8 info thanks dude....

Pradeep said...

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