Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yahoo Open Hack Day 2009

I was one of the invitee to the Yahoo! Open Hackday 2009. I felt glad as I heard there were around 900 applications and I was one of the 350 guys who got the final invite. And what's best, it was on the 14th of Feb. I know, many of you would think, "what an unromantic way to spend the Valentines Day!" I'm not yet qualified for the V-Day celebration as I'm still single :)

It was indeed a great event. Some of the highlights of the events as seen by iRaveesh

  • The sessions were really cool. I got to know about some of the coolest technologies available.
  • This was followed by the 24 hours hacking contest. Our hack was not that hot, yet the learning involved was tremendous.
  • I had a chance to interact with David Filo, the founder of Yahoo! Answering one of my questions, he said, "If you start a company because you like doing it, even if the company fails, you won't curse yourself because you liked doing it. But if you start a company just for profits, the failure of the company will put you in a worst mess"
David Filo, the co-founder of Yahoo! holding my shoulders :)

  • As a V-Day entertainment, there was a Dance show by Shadow One group. After their dance performance was over, they called the hackers on stage and perform impromptu dancing. I just jumped out of my table, ran to stage and danced!
  • The professional dancers were supposed to teach us dance, but as in the photo, I was teaching them some steps (LOL).
  • As I was the best dancer among the hackers, I won an iPod! (OMG)
  • Awesome food 24 hours a day with unlimited drinks.
  • My photo came in the Metro Edition of Deccan Herald on 19th Feb. I look like I am hacking very seriously :)
Find me - Bottom Left

It was a great event and I enjoyed every bit of it. Looking forward for the same next year as well. Next year, I hope to win the event

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Madhusoodan said...

You'll win next year! All the best!