Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I will vote

Blogging after a very long time. Posting a blog for a noble reason. I am hoping to post this in a serious and urgent note

The country is right now got into the mood of IPL and the 20-20 mania is spreading like fire as expected. Youngistan, of which I am a part of, is fully submerged in the sensational IPL. We eat, sleep and talk cricket and it is (almost) our fundamental right to enjoy every ball of IPL.

But I am fearing the loss of seriousness in another right which we ought to exercise. THE RIGHT TO VOTE.

To throw some facts :
  • 43 million FIRST TIME Voters have been enrolled to the 2009 electoral rolls. This is an amazing 4.3 crore population, representing about 10% of Adult population !!
  • An advertisement read, about 65% of Indian population is below the age of 40 making India one of the youngest countries in the world. Yet India has the oldest parliamentarians (in terms of age). !!
I have decided to vote this time. I have decided to skip 1 day of my internship, 1 day of college, spend around 800 INR to goto my hometown, JUST TO VOTE.

Why should I go home just to cast 1 vote amidst a million Inconveniences?

Ans :
  • I believe that I have the common sense to decide which government can do good and which one sucks..
  • I believe, A right policy by a right government gives me my money back in 2 months, may it be good roads or a good financial budget.
  • I consider myself ethically eligible to comment on Government : Good, Bad and Ugly.
We any ways have to vote to the same seasoned parties right? How will my voting/not-voting change the scenario?
This is one question which haunted me for quite some time. I think I have convinced myself now..

Ans :
  • All the poll predictions by various parties are done excluding the Youngistan since they take it for granted that we don't turn out for voting.
  • They rely on their illiterate vote bank for most of the calculations.
  • With the thoughtful Youngistan coming forward to vote and jeopardizing their calculations/statistics, the parties is forced to think next time.
  • Since the youth is thoughtful, they cannot do monkey tricks to impress us. The only way to woo the Youngistan is by doing something useful !!
  • The game has changed now !! We can see positive results in less than 10 years with young and vibrant youth being more and more active in politics.

So as of now, what I can do is to vote myself and blog about it. With time, I am sure of making myself more active in clean politics. I have time to decide my roadmap.

I feel proud of being a sensible citizen of the energetic Youngistan !!


Sparsha....A Touch For Ever said...

Hey Ravish good reason to blog and nice article.keep rocking

ravish said...

hi ravish perfect topic to blog and fr a great cause ...cheers!!!!

ABHILASH K.R said...

awesome blog iraveesh!!! keep up the gud wrk!! vry smartly written!!!!

kalpanegalu said...

good one bro!

mauna->matu said...

nice one dude..

shri said...

nice yar..

Madhusoodan said...

I respect your views. But, personally, I don't think that just by voting you will get back the 'lost' things. Check out http://badikillaya.blogspot.com/2009/04/should-i-vote.html

Raveesh Mayya said...

Hi Madhu,

I have never claimed that we will get back the lost things.. We've lost enough because of not voting, lets not lose anymore is what I intended to say..

pavithra lakshmanan said...

hey raveesh.. good post.. i voted for the first time this year n i had been waitin since i turned 18..it was an awesome feeling to be there.. to see that dot on my finger..i cant believe ppl dont wanna enjoy that feelin.. but yeah there is so much more to be done..so much more that can be done..lookin forward to ur involvement in things like that!lemme know.. i'll do what i can to help

sathya said...

Nice one raveesh, Very optimistic and an energetic post too.

preethi said...

good post man. started readin all ur posts
today... actually very inspiring!! great work!!