Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three mistakes as a Bike Rider

Decided to confess the 3 mistakes that I committed today as a bike rider as I couldn't take the pinch anymore. Feeling very guilty and sad for having done that. Without much of a build-up, here goes the 3 mistakes.

Mistake Number One :

On my way to Bangalore Race course road, I happened to stop my bike at a traffic signal. The traffic light was still red for us when I realized that there are no more vehicles from the other side and the road is clean. Deciding not to jump the traffic signal, I did not kick start my bike. It was just about 5 seconds when a Tata Safari (a Indian SUV) driver started honking the horn incessantly. It was very clear that it was for me and the signal was still red. I turned back and signaled him to look at the traffic signal.

He got his vehicle next to me and opened the door and started yelling at me. He made me realize that I was very "insensible" and "irresponsible" to have waited until the traffic signal light turned green. His body language was aggressive and flaunted his links to a state government MLA. Neither could I match him is size nor could I return back the words with equal vulgarity. I just made way to him but yes, executed the mistake of following the traffic rules.

Mistake Number Two :

There was this Tata Sumo which apparently not been serviced for over an year now. It not just contaminated the entire place with its smoke but also suffocated a couple of two wheeler riders (right in front of me). So in the next traffic signal, I decided to inform him the same. So when I did, he stared at me for about 5 seconds as though he wanted to poke my eyes with whatever he could grasp. With a pursed lips, he just turned away, neglecting my comment. So a brave youth, I knocked at his wind shield and told, "Boss, its not good to neglect other's comments, do check your Vehicle's condition". Another sensible biker joined me in suggesting him when he erupted with fury. "Muchkond nim kelsa nodkolro. Nange helak bandraa nan makla... Blah Blah. " (English translation : Shut up and mind your business. Don't try to give me advices blah blah).

Did a mistake again informing him to be sensible !!

Mistake Number Three :

There was a traffic jam close to Mysore Bank Colony and I was moving slowly. Suddenly I felt a jerk in my bike. Someone had knocked me with their bike !! Temper rising, I turn back to shout back at the careless rider when I see a old couple fallen down. Their TVS Excel had hit me perpendicularly which clearly meant that the rider lost control which negotiating the main road-sub road junction. (I was in the main road F.Y.I).

On humanitarian grounds, I went to help them when the mob around me started scolding me. The grandpa knew its his mistake but bloody, even he started scolding me. Clearly, I got a message that its a mistake owning a Karizma. I could recall just one statement from Onida, "Owner's pride, Neighbour's envy".

I couldn't control but shouting back at the crowd to judge sensibly in the situation. How on Earth can I knock a vehicle from behind !!! I told the grandpa, "I am not expecting an apology from you as you're a senior citizen, but you lost respect in my eyes because you acted cheaply" Clearly, its not fair to scold me when its his bloody mistake. I am sure, everyone around realized that its his mistake but they were dogmatic. I apologized the "Culprits" and scooted from that area.

Am I wrong in Doing this today? What an absurd question !! If I were right, no one would yell at me right?


mithun said...

All these three incidents happened on one day ?? wow..!! wat a day..!! lol :D

and yes..i wud hv done the same thing as wat u did if i was in these circumstances..

Bipin Kumar said...

guess d incidents happened quite long back., but i read ur blog only today.. so commenting!!

u done nothin wrong., its jus dat ppl are incapable of assessing ur "rightlyness"...!

long way to go.. keep ur good work on..

pavithra lakshmanan said...

haha good post.. good responsible biker... very rare to find that too with a karizma... stay de same n follow rules man.. contrary to popular belief its damn cool to follow rules!