Friday, August 14, 2009

When is the last time you updated your blog?

This question looked really funny n lame but sure is a taunt. From the time I read this somewhere, I've been thinking, "Man, its been one hell of a hiatus; I need to update it". Why have I not been so very passive?

Q1 : Is it because I find blogging boring?
ans : Not at all

Q2 : Is there something more interesting online to do?
ans : Not quite. But I don't deny it.

Q3 : Is it because I maintain too many blogs that I'm not doing justice to my personal blog?
ans : Probably yes

Q4 : Is it because I am unable to think "creatively" ?
ans : Ha ha, I don't have an answer myself.

Q5 : Is it because I am not getting a theme on which I can write?
ans : Verymuch possible.

Q6 : Is it because I decided never to blog about my personal feelings?
ans : Yes.

Q7 : Is it because I do not want i.Raveesh to be my alterego?
ans : Yes

Then why on first place did I nurture i.Raveesh?
Am I of the opinion that my web activities are eating my bandwidth?
Are they becoming too taxing?

Well, this is how I put it.
I was lonely, I was ignorant. I wanted an interesting self. So I created i.Raveesh. Now, I see a more colourful real world. I want to live every minute of my life.

End Note :
Has i.Raveesh gone for ever? Will he be active?
I would say, he is taking a break. He is surely not gone.. NOT YET.


vikas kolar said...

Vikas Kolar likes it!! ;)

none said...

wow... tis one's like actually questionin ur alterego abt urself... nice :)