Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A beautiful girl's "Best friend"

All my friends and blog readers who know and have got the first-hand experience of being the BEST-Friend of a beautiful girl, this story must be familiar to your story.

All my friends and blog readers who are yet to enjoy this position, this article must give you a reason why you should try and be one.

Story of my friend, written by me :)

== Story begins ==

I know you guys are envious, I know you guys want to be in my position.

I am the best friend of a very beautiful girl from my college. I always hope to get her call at 3 AM in the morning when I need to explain her why our subject is not as bad as she thinks. Its a great feeling when she thanks me for boosting her morale and promises me a treat in CCD. I like the very thought of her taking me out for CCD. Now does it matter if she forgets this promise (as usual) before she even hits the bed that night?

I am the best friend of a very beautiful girl from my class and that makes me feel great. I am always willing to drop her to the bus stand even at 10 30 PM in an auto rickshaw. I get a chance to bid her farewell and a safe journey and that is more than the "double rickshaw fare" that I pay both ways and risk of getting expelled from hostel for breaking hostel rules. Now, does it matter if I have to drop the idea of buying a cricket bat (due to shortage of money) to my brother who's birthday is approaching?

I am the best friend of a very beautiful girl from my class and that makes me feel important. I really love those days when she broke up with her boy friend and came to me with her eyes swollen. It was when I consoled her that I realized that I could be a great counselor. All I know is, I got a hug from her for being so good to her in this bad world. The next few days were my best when she had her breakfast and lunch with me, offered me a chance to do her lab experiments and write lab records. I loved those days when I would empty my 100 free sms on her supporting her view that her ex-boy friend was indeed the worst person on Earth. Now does it matter if that worst person came back to her one day, they paired up once again and I got all my 100 free SMS for myself?

I am the best friend of a very beautiful girl from my batch and that makes me feel smug. All these years I studied on my own for exams and scored decently well for myself. The monotony broke when my best friend gave me a chance to study with her outside college library. I got a chance to read her subjects too and that is when I realized I can do more than just my regular subjects. Though I never needed any shortcuts to study before exams, I was surprised to learn that I was really good at devising formulae to remember the important points. Now does it matter if my marks go down drastically that semester and I miss the scholarship?

I am the best friend of a very beautiful girl from my college and that makes me feel satisfied. Never did I get a chance to speak non-sense about all those classmates/seniors of mine, how badly they dress up, how cheaply some girls behave to get their work done, how most of the guys misunderstand good friendship to love. I got a chance to have a sneak peek into my character and how I should be different from them. I got to see the world in a different way and realized that world is not fair and clean as I thought and understood all these years. Now does it matter if I feel alienated from my other best-buddies after seeing them in different light?

I am the best friend of a very beautiful girl of my age and that makes me feel complacent. I've lost the count of the number of technical seminars I've skipped to be with her during her bad time. I have missed a A+ score to my assignments only about 10 times, but its much less significant than helping her get that magic score for her assignments. I don't care if people tell me that I'm getting used. I don't really mind getting used actually.

If I were one of those ordinary guys, I should have felt bad when she reminds me how much she loves me as her dear "brother". I should have felt pissed off when her boyfriend, who was the"worst animal on Earth" during break-up, transformed over night and became a gentleman in her eyes. I should have felt agitated when she tied a Rakhi to reinforce our relationship. But as she tells me, I am above all of them. I am the best friend and I am doing justice to the word "friend". She always gives me a laugh reminding about of how these silly people think that we are committed and that they are grossly misunderstanding our noble relationship.

Ofcourse, I fail to explain why I still have a feeling (at the corner of my mind) for her and how I wished we ended up together. I have indeed been a failure in my own eyes when my heart fails to adhere to the relationship she's defined for us. But hey, I am getting better. I am growing up.

What?? Am I sounding sarcastic? Excuse my poor English, I didn't mean to.

== Story Ends ==

If you can relate yourself to a bit of this, take my hearty congratulations. You have been a successful friend to a girl. If your experience if different from this one, please feel free to comment..