Saturday, July 17, 2010

I don't know how but I liked her..

What was very unique about Rohit Mahendran is his ability to manage his extra curricular activities along with studies. Though he believed that there was nothing special about it, the entire world around him had great expectations from him. He always did what he liked and that made him a maverick in terms of his achievements. When asked about it, he usually rubbished them away. One thing I liked about him was his quick wit and fun loving nature. When he was at his comical best, seriously there was no better place than our class.

Being a good athlete and a dramatist, he was a part of innumerious clubs in our college. So he was the one who knew almost everyone (read girls) in our college, something I was a bit envious about. From the cute lead singer girl (our junior batch) to the darling of our college who hosted all the events in our college to the hot girl incharge of Fashion show, he knew them all. It is worth mentioning here that he referred to them with utmost respect with no comments whatsoever.

It was my long chat with him yesterday that is prompting me to write this blog.

It was quite an enigma for me why he was still single. At one of our common friend's birthday party, I asked him "Dude, Are you seriously single or are you not disclosing who your babe is?" He laughed out loud and then said, "Buddy, for a fool like me who doesn't have time or money to spend on a girl, do you think its possible to get a girl? Anyways, how is your gym class going?" he tried to change the topic. "Quite smart" I thought, recalling that the last time when our group spoke about relationships, Rohit has smartly skipped his turn. So determined to know more, asked him again to tell about his relationship status.

Realizing that I was not ready to budge, he started, "Ok dude, here goes my story"

== The Story Starts ==
You know what, getting busy with a lot of activities has its own advantages and disadvantages. You will be so busy in the morning that you don't have time to think about other (unwanted) stuff and you will be so tired at night that you can't think of other stuff. Atleast, that is the formula that works for me. I didn't want any girl in my life for some time as I didn't feel the necessity for having one. Like I have amazing friends in class, my basketball team, my drama team etc. Why the hell should I have someone very special in life, atleast for now? My emotional equations were all fine without a variable.

But then, one girl who threatened to change my equations. I knew her from last 2 years, she is our junior from the Telecom department. She did decent acting and we met every day for practice. I did not find her special at all for almost 18 months, i.e., from the I knew her. She was a super cool friend and an occasional victim of our pranks. Thats it.

You know very well that we in our college when the histrionics group are at its best. Being in Team Abhinaya, one of the best Drama team of Bangalore, we got a golden chance to goto Sri Lanka on a Dramatics Workshop and give a few performances for 2 weeks. It was on the ethnic day at Sri Lanka that I saw her in a new light.

There she was clad in Saree and she looked awesome. She was more Indian than I could imagine. She was the most beautiful Sanchitha I had ever seen. Why on Earth did I not find her this beautiful before? Of course, she played my wife in one of the drama but then I never thought I would ever want the same thing to happen in my real life. I know I am sounding "dramatic" forgive me buddy, I AM LIKE THAT ONLY.

"It is just a crush" I thought, so stupid of me to have a crush on my team mate. But then my alter ego spoke, "Why not dude? Why not??", I said "She is not my kind" and my alter ego went, "If she is not your kind, define what your kind is!!". Actually yes, she was a good artist, a good dramatist, good at studies and compatible (huh!!)

This debate would go on but I called it a day, deciding that once she comes back in TShirt and Jeans, I might come back to normal. Neither could I call it a day (damn, she had secured an entry to my sub-conscious thoughts) nor was I normal when I saw the "ordinary" her. My heart kept beating "Its her, Its her".

After we returned to India, I started messaging her pretty regularly. It took no time to realize that she is the person I wanted in my life. It might appear to you that it is some shitty movie dialog, a crap thought of an emotional fool. But believe me macha, I gave myself enough time before jumping into decision.

A Favour (?)
When she told me that she played Basketball for her high-school team, I was overwhelmed with joy. "One more thing in common between us" I told her, "Why don't you try hand in college team?" She said, "I would love to but I don't know if I can ever clear the selection criteria". "Buddy, it is the time to prove how much you like her, don't miss it" told my alter ego. "Hey, you forgot that I am the head of Basketball Men's team? Lets give it a shot tomorrow, come for trials".

As expected, she turned up for trials. I am not sure if she ever played professional basketball ever in life !! She could put the ball into the basket but I am 100% sure she could never handle a tackle from the weakest of the girls from the weakest of the opponents. The trial was over in 10 minutes and she was in. Well, you know that girl who selected Sanchitha was my supercool friend and I had promised to treat her in Gufha.

That evening was an evening to remember as Sanchitha agreed to treat me in a romantic (?) restaurant. We had ample time to talk and we spoke about everything from basketball to dramatics to relationships. I was super excited to hear that she was single and she was ready to get committed to someone who shared her interests. "She is hinting me" I thought.

Well, this continued for almost 2 months. I had offered to give personal training in Basketball for 1 hour every day. So every evening, we would practice basketball (though there was no sign of improvements), ate pani puri together and I would drop her back to her hostel. This did not go unnoticed and my Drama teammates started pairing us up. Though I thoroughly enjoyed those moments, I had to deny externally saying there was nothing between us. One of my dear senior, with whom I share my personal thoughts had told me that we looked great together. "You got to tell her what you feel as soon as possible, before it is too late" she'd told me.

Yes, I thought I should tell her as soon as possible. I was missing a lot of appointments with other teams, my website clients were unhappy with my punctuality and even people in the dramatics team started feeling insecure and started to worry about my lack of dedication in designing the plot and costumes for the upcoming drama. But how do I tell her? Should I give her some hints? Should I tell her directly? Should I use her roommate's help?

"Leave it this way" told my alter ego. You know, my alter ego had been my best buddy because he told me only those things I wanted to hear, suggested me only those stuffs I wanted to follow. So I agreed to him and decided to"Enjoy the feeling". By then, even though her regularity for the basketball practice had drastically fallen, whatever time I spent with her was fruitful and blissful. I was getting more n more close to her and that was good for both of us.

Honestly speaking, my life rocked !!

== Story To Be Continued ==


Saket Sinha said...

Story nicely presented. Cheers to the author. :thumbs_up:

Though you have added a Label as Fictional but , I have a feeling of this to be real (transformed a bit)...:P lol

waiting for further story...

Saket Sinha

vishwa said...

Interesting one.. Eagerly waiting for d remaining part..

Adarsh said...

When'l the next part arrive????

Sushma said...

Vl keep a check on this...goin on smoothly...expectations piled up!!

CriA'TVT' said...

Loved the narration.
When are you going to start writing a fiction novel?

Pradeep Nayak said...

I think I know who is "ROHITH" here..