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A journey into the superstitions and beliefs in the Automotive World

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and true to their words, Rohit Mahajan and Shankar AS had met up for a cup of tea at Rohit's new residence. Sipping their cup of hot tea and sitting on a bean bag placed in the portico, they were taking turns in praising this new location.

"A 100-step walk is all you need to reach to any God Damned item/service you need!" claimed Rohit. Namdhari's Fresh, Reliance fresh, a Darshini, a Coffee house, multiple tea shops, a temple housing 5 different dieties, a darshini, 3 juice centres, multiple eateries, 8 different ATM centers (not that you needed so much), furnitures, pubs, bus stand, auto stands, a Gym, a dance class, a yoga class, a music class, a saloon, 2-3 dry cleaners, a multi-utility Computer shop; virtually EVERYTHING. "You would need to take another 100 more to a Mall" said Shankar, with a grin. "Yet man, it’s a wonderful place I must..." he was about to continue when he saw Rohit pointing out at something in the main road.

"De Ja Vu" said Rohit pointing at something which was definitely moving. A closer look at it looked like he was pointing at a new Bullet bike. It had garlands and flowers on it, temporary registration board etc and it looked like the driver had just got his bike delivered from a showroom. "Man, I swear, I saw this very bike and this bike driver going in the same direction (right to left), just 20 seconds back!!”

"It must definitely be a coincidence man", Shankar said, dismissing Rohit's observation. "You've either seen another bike; similar bike but different, or you've seen the rider in the opposite direction. It makes no sense when you say the bike's gone in the same direction. Hey, hang on. What the heck!!”

This time, it was Shankar's turn to point out and they both saw it! True as hell, the same driver, riding the same bike passed by them in the same direction! Rohit, unable to control his curiosity, kept his Tea cup aside and went out to figure out what the driver was actually doing.. He came back 20 seconds later smacking his head.

"Dude Shankar, he's just circumambulating the Temple which is right in front of our portico with his bike man" declared Rohit, unable to believe what he just saw. It was his first time, witnessing someone circumambulating a temple with his bike!

But working in the 2 wheelers industry since past 10 months had taught Rohit something very unique about this industry. "You think about all the superstitions and beliefs in this world and you see them all in the 2 wheelers world man, trust me" he said. And then he went on to list down all that he had learnt from past 10 months.

Issue 1 – About the super-human expectation
Rohit - People are OK buying a 45000 phone and upgrading to a new one in less than a year. However, when they want to buy a two wheeler costing almost the same, they are super careful and they look at 10 years or more with the bike. Not that everyone wants to keep the same vehicle for 10 years but they insist that the vehicle be super durable and trouble-free for 10 plus years.

Shankar - Not quite sure why this happens but my gut feeling is that people are more tolerant for a phone switching off but cannot take a 2 wheeler breaking down. I understand that their life is more tied to a mobile phone than a 2 wheeler but everyone has a backup phone, seldom maintain a backup scooter.

Note to the readers: Fair enough, the thoughts well taken. However, even if 10% of the attention that they give to their phone is given to their vehicle for maintenance, it'd run easily for 20 years.

A beautiful ad by Amaron about how people don't care about their vehicle batteries

Issue 2 – About the lack of willingness to pay for any essential cover
Rohit - Next point is about the "Engine Warranty" that they are super concerned about. When the 2-wheeler manufacturer says "2 years or 30000 km whichever is earlier and you can upgrade it to "5 years or 75000 km" just by paying INR 600, they crowd demands "Why only 30000 or 75000 km and Why should I pay 600 Rs to extend the same for 5 years?". To reach that number of 30000 or 75000, the buyer has to ride for 40 a day, for all the day of the year and continuously for 2 to 5 years !! Unless you're in a sales or business development kind of roles, In Bangalore kind of a city, its a long shot driving so much every day !!

Shankar - Yes you seem to have a point. People are OK spending INR 2500 for as the bike purchase party or 3000 for full vehicle sticker but not 600 to ensure peace of mind for 5 years.

Note to the readers: Anyways most of the 2 wheeler manufacturers are covering this by giving this extended warranty as a complementary thing.

Issue 3 – About Seasonality of buying pattern

Rohit - Now comes the seasonality part of the industry and it will turn hilarious from now on.
  1. People do not buy in May-June since it’s the rainy season and that they don't want to expose their bike to rain as soon as they buy.
  2. Then comes the "Aati" or "Aashada" maasa. This month is inauspicious to invest on anything good. Depending on the Solar or Lunar calendar that you follow, the month varies. So for example, 1 state has Aashada in July and the neighbouring state has it in August. A few of the North Indian states have this inauspicious month in August.
  3. Then comes the awesome series of days when everyone wants to buy off the vehicle. This is the time when the 2 wheeler manufacturers need to miraculously increase their capacity of output (almost 80% more). This season runs from Mid August to early November (Ganesha Festival to Dusshera and Deepavali).
  4. The automobile industry is supposed to "hibernate" post this season. People just DO NOT BUY a vehicle in December because it’s the year-end. They want new vehicles in the new year with the new year registration!! Perhaps in the 1990s, the change of year meant the change of model but it's no longer true. However, we're clinging on to the same old belief.
  5. The date till 15th January is inauspicious - Shoonya Maasa and some communities extend the same feeling for another fortnight (until the Amavasya).
  6. Then comes a 15 day patch in between, until the Holi when people do not buy the vehicle. Another lull period during the 2nd fortnight of March and this cycle continues. 

Shankar – Yes, this entire cycle is very wierd man. Now I realize why so many automotive companies give unbelievable offers in December.

Note to the readers:  If one is smart enough, he'd wait until December to buy a vehicle. Yes, the year of manufacturing and the year of registration would be the previous year but YOU HAVE the INVOICE to prove the vehicle age if you're reselling!!

Issue 4:  About the inauspicious days
Rohit - Some states consider it super auspicious to buy on a Tuesday but in few South Indian states, Tuesday is a BIG NO NO. Some states consider Saturday is bad and so on.

Shankar - So instead of a Sunday, you can ask your dealers to shut down their operations on a Tuesday.

Issue 5 :  About the inauspicious registration numbers
Rohit - People continuously frequent the RTO to check the series of registration numbers. They wait until their desired sequence comes up and grab that “auspicious” number by hook or by crook.
Shankar - Ya ya, I remember now, my dad recent bought a scooter which was seriously underpriced in the secondary market. Upon investigation, he found out that the numbers when added up, turned out to be a Devil's number in the locality.

Meanwhile, in a different world !!

Note to the readers: Understandable if someone waits for a harmonic/repetitive number or a number which is easy to remember but Devil's number!!    SERIOUSLY!!

Rohit finally said, "This list will go on and on and the industry has been living with this kinda irregularity ever since it came to India. So let’s chuck this discussion right here, hop onto my car and go to the movie theatre lest we'll be late".

Sitting in the front seat, guiding Rohit (about Traffic etc) in moving the car out of the parking lot, Shankar was only analysing all these market intelligence when he heard Rohit swear, "Oh Shit !" hitting the reverse gear, taking the car back into the parking lot, take the car out again, now in the opposite direction. Shankar was puzzled. "Dude, aren't we supposed to head towards our left? What are you doing and why are we heading towards our right?"

"Dude, didn't you see! A stupid black cat crossed our way man! I definitely can’t take the risk now. Let us take the next U turn and then head left" 

Ha ha, look at that idiot :)

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